Navigation Bar Out of whack

Without doubt guys,

It’s me again. Sorry Patient asking so a lot of questions. I’m simply just so stuck.
Suggestions the current concern.

I7m using Dreamweaver (CS4) to design a website.

I created a template that that includes a navigation bar at it. Its a pretty standard direction-finding bar. Home, About Us, Shop, Occasions Blog

Those include the menu labels of every. After I help you save everything and place it on this server, whenever say for example I click about Events. It successfully brings me to the events page. The events page even offers the navigation tavern in it(since I created each of the pages from first template. Now when POST click on among the other menu labels inside navigation bar, from the events page, it doesn’t bring me anywhere you want to. I just stick to the events era. And in this url up top rated, it just states " www. websitename. us/Events. html#"

Can anybody reveal to me the proceedings here. It can be very much appreciated. Thank you.


Did you read my post from a other thread Them sounds like it is advisable to update your websites. If you alter the template and also have other pages open, they all ought to be saved, then updated on the server.

Incredible. I am an authentic noob.: laugh: were you to right about me personally not updating my files on the server. I did as you suggested saved everything after which updated them all towards server and right now the navigation pub works wonders. Thank you man.: rambo:


Fairly sweet. Just remember having DW, don’t count on design view.; -).

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