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Hello Everyone,
New towards the site and comparatively new to web design so her complements my current priblem. I use NetObjects Blend Essentials and almost all looks fine next time i view the site on my own ring computer with Firefox but on a minumum of one other computer with Firefox in the process, parts of the actual Navigation Bar can be found near the top in the page in the middle when it ought to be at the eventually left half way along.
The site is
< http: //steppingstoneshealth. com. au/>

Could there are a look and okay know whether the issue exists on a person’s computers and help to make some suggestions to correct it
Bless you a lot

Your layout is in frames, and then tables from the frames – I believe it is probably using most critical positioning. When MY SPOUSE AND I open it, unless We’ve my browser (Firefox A FEW. 6. 9) fullscreen, your content cuts down.

This is the screenshot

Bless you AlphaMare
Much of the text has been recently cut and pasted through Word but MY SPOUSE AND I don’t remember something having been with tables. How am i allowed to find where this tables are making sure that I can suitable it
Bless you again

Because of you I believe I’ve fixed the issue with the text being stop. Would you make sure you have another look and okay know if it is really now OK.

The original problem I had was with this Nav Bar where on a minumum of one computer the next tier items were not located next to the first tier but in the top of your screen. Are a person seeing this

My organization is looking this web-site on Chrome. The Nav Bar is OK but it surely rides over that image when goes into business. It looks extremely unprofessional.

Thanks for the -I’ll try that will lift my video game.

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