Navigation Menu – Best Practices

Can it look badly to make use of the ul tag to map out a navigation menu How about surrounding the nested li tags with divs so each menu button features a separate CSS formatting

If it does look badly, what exactly are some technics which might be considered " greatest practice" for producing navigation menus

That the menus are user-friendly and uncomplicated, work with or maybe without javascripting or flash, render properly with regard to accessibility (like screen readers for any blind), and chek out pertinent content.

Test your site out with a variety of people. If it takes anyone more in comparison with 5 seconds to
figure-out the way to navigate your web site, start over. You’ll quickly find out any problems you might have…
for example poorly positioned for those browsers, or several screen sizes, challenging to read, challenging to click,
inadequately worded. If it’s important to tell people the way to navigate, you’ve unsuccessful already.

The method that you make the menus happen (the scripting, layouts, coding)… whatever you do is fine.

You won’t need to make each < li> any < div> : make classes with regard to them instead, if you want them to often be differently styled.

< ul id=" nav" >
< li class=" button1" > < any href=" whatever. html" > < /a> < /li>
< li class=" button2" > < any href=" whatever. html" > < /a> < /li>
< li class=" button3" > < any href=" whatever. html" > < /a> < /li>
< li class=" button4" > < any href=" whatever. html" > < /a> < /li>
< li class=" button5" > < any href=" whatever. html" > < /a> < /li>
< /ul>

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