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Hello there All,

Okay as a number you know my complete (YES COMPLETE!! ) domain and every one of the subdomains and some other domains within my host got hacked. Concerning contacted the Hosters plus they have (apparently) taken out the malware.

This question is. As I run off Joomla backbone for the majority of my sites, is there anything I will do to prevent this kind of thing from going on again I dont recognize anything about. htaccess presently but will possibly be learning.

Obviously Sentence passwords may be a must. But now the following has happened in my experience and my clients its imperative I put an added structured security it is in place.

Would visiting a sub directory from the domain help FOR EXAMPLE www. frixel. co. uk redirects to be able to www. frixel. co. uk/site

Any advice could well be most appreciated.



Joomla works off of a database in much the identical way WordPress can. I’ll give you a couple of tips that WHEN I use for WP that could easily be integrated in Joomla. Unfortunately a lot of them have to end up being implemented during or immediately following a install.

  • change the prefix for that database during this install. For example, the default prefix inside WordPress is although I never utilize that. Sometimes I’ll start using a descriptive word specific to the site, sometimes the client’s initials, the name with their dog, whatever. That causes it to be harder for a hacker for getting at the list.
  • Change the name with the file that gifts the login page. In WordPress it is " ". All over again, I change this to something various, and different from the database prefix — maybe the customer’s street, maybe the name with the city he’s within, maybe something the client suggests as effortless to remember and also obscure. A hacker trying to pull up this admin dashboard is unlikely ascertain they have to type in " " so that the login page.
  • make sure all the permissions that was left open through the setup are made again
  • Keep database username and password Safe with the addition of the following towards. htaccess file along at the top level within your install: < FilesMatch config-file-name. php$> refuse from all< /FilesMatch> (of course you may change the filename in order to whatever your config file is usually called)
  • use ssh/shell access as opposed to FTP when uploading files

Will you be on WebHostingHub, simply by chance We obtained hacked too. Thank goodness, they only dropped their index files within there, and I merely had to re-upload quarry.

Cheers AM POST shall implement these around the next install WHEN I do.

Very little man, Justhost. com – They’ve been really reliable until I had this issue, along with 4 days in addition to about 12 men and women later I as a final point got something classified. It was one person Manged to get through to yesterday who explained about th. htaccess data. So I possess secured the file as well as the sub. htaccess with my Joomla Installs… I then established a security pack around the Joomla 1. 5 that we created. Everything seems returning to normal again… Thank goodness….

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