Need help figuring out to register email addresses to access a download.

My organization is building my primary website with dreamweaver and godaddy. I am endeavoring to allow people to access a free download of my band’s new music from my web-site, but I want them to acquire to register his or her email or join a email list, so I possess a database of those who have downloaded and followed my band’s tunes. I currently only need the songs inside a zip file upon my godaddy account so in the event you just put inside url it will probably download, but I want a quick or page to come up making these send me the email address to access the download. Thanks for just about any help!

You’re planning to need more as compared with just basics… Seeing that you’re using godaddy, go check out their 1 simply click applications, there should always be a CMS or other pre built app that would permit you to setup the registration, user accounts, and so forth.

Otherwise you’re planning to need some php or even asp ( scripting language ), a database setting this up.

You ought to probably re-read that TOS for godaddy, but once they delete the zip record, it’s probably because it vioaltes their TOS. Until you do what you will be asking to carry out here. They don’t like big data files dumped on the servers, with open accss get the right to download.

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