Need help in jmapping

Guys WHEN I found a tutorial. Heres the url with more points
I included all dependencies and pasted the two scripts in this above document towards my source rule exactly as branded. The text presents itself, but no map. Am I missing an obvious step here Must i need an API key
Have no clue whats going on.. Please help!!!

Very little, you don’t have an API major, if you’re utilizing Google Maps V3… but it appears they usually are.

Give us a link to your actual website page that is not reaching.

Likewise, describe what your role is the mapping. For anyone who is the person producing the maps,
or will you be trying to show maps from another person’s information.


For those interested in many ways to pick regions by GPS coordinates for your applications,
view the example script WHEN I made below. Everyone drag the gun around, and it can display
the coordinates with the ‘X’. You may then add the point with a database. That component is not
created, but it shows how the data can be read by the PHP script.

Look at the HTML source code, copy/paste it towards your own site (web page). Very little other files
required. The only outside reference could be to Google Maps V3. It is going to work just as it sits.
You can decide on any starting spot and zoom factor for your own site.

This is the Google Road V3 example:
http: //www. catpin. com/gps/

The actual PHP script that grabs the " add" data is below.
Call up this script " bring. php" and upload in the same directory.
The writing towards your database would occur on this script… this is a simple model:


< php

$wlat  $_POST'wlat';
$wlon  $_POST'wlon';

This  is  the  PHP  script  to  process  your  GPS  location: < br  > < br  />
$lat< br  />
$lon< br  />
WGS-84  Lat:  
$wlat< br  />
WGS-84  Lon:  
$wlon< br  />
< br  />
At  this  point,   you  would  be  adding  it  to  a  collection,   or  asking< br  />
for  more 

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