Need help making a gallery.

My business is trying to deal with up my parents web site the thing is i suck at web site design.
Now i am aware the basics using FrontPage, Dreamweaver as well as Photoshop. I created several pics in MS Paint to better describe on which i wish to know how to create.

So below is my web page which i made out of MS paint
I plan to have galleries for a large number of stuff like this kind of, and have 10-30 pics per gallery web page.

Now what i wish to know is 2 procedures, method 1 is when you click on a thumbnail as gallery it are certain to get better in the biggest market of the screen, the background on the net site will kinda fade to a darker color as well as below the larger pic there are actually arrows so that you can switch to the next picture or turn back a picture. In order to close simple hit X for the larger pic

Method 2 is how does someone have it so when you scroll over a pic while using mouse it automatically gets somewhat larger with some text below the particular larger pic

it’s very easy to attain. To get this kind of right, you should let everyone find out:

ONE. Are the pictures for being autosized or possess 2 sides
ONLY TWO. Do you want to use flash
THREE. Are the images for being dynamic from some sort of folder or xml track or hard coded

You may be thinking of LightBox as well as PrettyPhoto…
A couple of similar Javascript methods.

For example, view this website and click within the thumbnail:
Herndon Heald : Santa Fe, Different Mexico

You’ll see the consequence… in this situation it’s using PrettyPhoto.

That will JS only influences the visual aspect of it. The thumbnails on the page are filled and displayed employing PHP scripting… from the database. Therefore, the page layout is not similar thing as what happens when you mouse click on a thumbnail. Not sure should you be discussing the display on the thumbnails, or the effect if you click on some sort of thumbnail.

I’d like something alot prefer that, as long its very easy to do rather than time consuming and something we can do it throughout like Dreamweaver.

It’s all Javascripting, so I think you can use it with Dreamweaver.
I don’t recommend while using DW WYSIWYG editor. Use the DW for
a text editor and code your web pages by hand. The WYSIWYG editor
adds an excessive amount of crap to the code.

In saying that though, I guess you will have to decide if you can do the JS scripting as well as not.

Are there any guides for carrying this out I did many searching and couldnt find any.

31 Jquery photograph gallery and slideshow equipment Design Lib may perhaps be this link could assist you….

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