Need Help Making Website Cross Compitable

Howdy Everyone,

This can be my second website I have created and I believe it looks great. My problem is always that I designed this in IE and no work in any browser. I do not understand how to attract it to work in another browser because merely design it in Firefox by way of example then it does not display properly inside IE. I am affixing a zip document and would appreciate anyone that is interested in helping me obtain it right. Any recommendations about my CSS or perhaps anything; I would regards!

Problem A SINGLE:
You start with < html>… absolutely no doctype defined.
http: //www. w3schools. com/tags/tag_doctype. asp
IE has always had problems with no doc form defined.
I’m undecided if they possess fixed that having IE9, but despite having HTML5
approaching soon, there remains to be a basic doctype described, so you need to use it.

Problem 2:
Absolutely no style sheet explained, except in your IE ‘hacks’ " if" statements" (which is definitely bad to use).
You’ll want to link to your CSS file within the head section, so all browsers can chek out it.
http: //www. w3schools. com/css/css_howto. asp
Notice External Style Sheet

Problem 3:
You’re utilizing a webpage WYSIWYG manager (like coffeecup).
All WYSIWYG editors suck. You should code by hands, using notepad or also, Notepad++

Create a peek at some other peoples’ HTML source code utilizing your browser’s " Watch Source".

Thank you! I will look over it tonight and let you know if I comprehend it figured out! POST appreciate you!

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