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Hello there if I’m in the wrong section, had not been sure where to help post this. Anyway I’m planning a webstite for any musician(www. renegadesufi. com). It looks fine in Firefox although it’s cutting off my right selection bar in Internet Explorer(and the bottom half of top page). Any assistance. I used a plan called Artisteer to style the template, operating Joomla 1. 5. Any help a lot appreciated.

IE8 appears to be fine.
Which internet explorer version are you describing

There’s a right sidebar that’s completely missing with IE that’s generally there in FF. I’ll see what he’s preaching about.

The issue I see from the top is until this particular page ended up being copied/pasted from what appears to be Microsoft Word, and the code/formatting for Word is possibly interfering because of this. If you’re planning to copy/paste from Phrase, you need to be able to copy/paste into an editor (e. gary the gadget guy. CKEditor) that incorporates a Word-specific copy/paste functionality. If you do not, the code generated shall be an absolute mess, which is what you will have here.

I don’t know if this is what the problem is, but i can’t get past the idea. So this would have to be dealt along with first.

Many thanks, I’ll try of which. Will that fix the side bar or just the underside of the page I’ll give it a try. Thanks again.

I’m really not sure what it can fix, but the item should fix a little something. That middle section is definitely a mess. Such as I said, it’s way too hard . to look beyond it.

So, I retyped entry page, it’s still not displaying properly in IE. Not sure how to proceed now, I guess I’ll reload the web template.

I copied along with pasted what was in the article for you to wordpad, then pasted it back to the article box in Joomla. Do you think the coding continues to messed up

Website, yes. Paste them into Notepad, not WordPad. WordPad may certainly generating excess " Microsofty" value. There’s definitely a few there. This isn’t your fault, incidentally… this is just simply the nature regarding what Microsoft may to compensate and endeavor to provide " perfect" formatting from Word towards web (and possesses never gotten this right, through no real fault of their own… it’s not the purpose of Word).

< p class=" MsoNormal" style=" margin-bottom: 0. 0001pt; text-align: facility; line-height: 15. 6pt; background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% whitened; " > < strong> < /strong> < /p>

MsoNormal only ever proceeds from Microsoft programs, by way of example. Same with this kind of:

<! --if gte mso 9> < xml> < w: WordDocument> < w: View> Normal< /w: View> < w: Zoom> 0< /w: Zoom> < w: TrackMoves /> < w: TrackFormatting /> < w: PunctuationKerning /> < w: ValidateAgainstSchemas /> < w: SaveIfXMLInvalid> false< /w: SaveIfXMLInvalid> < w: IgnoreMixedContent> false< /w: IgnoreMixedContent>
(there's a lot more code here, but this box only permits 10, 000 characters)
<! --endif-->

Basically, in the event you see tags and also classes that don’t resemble part of a usual web page (e. gary the gadget guy. < w, likelihood is you’ve still got MS code with there. Notepad is sure to strip all of the out, though, so start there.

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