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We are looking to use a daily deal website built but dont have got a clue the place to start. I am searching for something almost identical to slickdeals and comparable to other sites like bensbargains, fatwallet, woot, or anything else with some capabillities regarding groupon. I have hardly any experience with website design or maintaining a site so any help including your getting loans how this is done or easy methods to run such a site will be very helpful. I am searching for resources where we can get pricing, preview demos associated with others work, and possibly where I could have something this way built. Also in case you have experience running an internet site . and would let me know a little about what on earth is involved that will be helpful as very well. Any other info will be helpful as well.
Thanks in advance,
I look forward to your thoughts plus responses and acquiring great and helpful discussions

I guess you should use Google to find " web developers".
Compare prices and have for some quotes.
What you want is a large project.

do we agree

I agree with both mlseim and Dorky – this can be a big project, and to possibly be done right will include loads of areas from pattern to server-side scripting. Whoever you find that can assist you, research them to ensure they are as much as the task – it’s very depressing to get to a point when time and money happen to be invested in a great unstable, unuseable and unfinished project.

I do pattern and develop internet sites – but this is certainly beyond my capabilities at this point, unless you have got a year-long deadline… LOL But seriously, there are many great companies out there but you’ll find as many or over who won’t depend on the task. WE worked (very lightly! ) for one where they must screen their calls on account of irate clients calling to discover why the deadline was adjusted and passed with the third or fourth time…

Everyone to you,

Thanks for your posts so a long way, but I guess I should be more clear. Any suggestions involving specific resources I could use to find ideas for our design, research what will be involved with the design, any precise scripts or plug-ins and so forth. that I need to know about Any suggestions regarding who would be a good designer to cooperate with or where to consider a good designer We were thinking about adding an ad for the college I attend that offers a Web Pattern degree for someone prepared work on and/or teach me how to use and manage such a website. What would have been a reasonable price to afford such a website Would it be cheaper paying someone by the hour to operate on a project in this way If I ‘m missing anything too please feel free of charge to interject but be as specific as possible and let myself know where Allow me to research this subject further. Thanks again

I’m thinking of a couple (to your few) thousand dollars for any site like that will.

In my opinion, there are too numerous sites already… your webblog will
must be something " wow" that will attract people, and somehow you will have to
completely overcome everyone else. Not to discourage you, however expect to invest
a number of thousand dollars… and hope for a roi.

could you suggest something different for instance 20 websites just to catch high fee per click adsense page views. I do also provide about 20 domains that get around 30k exact searches a month total with a cost per click average of $2. 00. Would I end up being better off to take a position my money throughout these and persue this kind of venture. If so almost any better suggestions I am looking to placed some around 1k in this venture while using hopes of knowing how to make money with something in this way.

I have practical knowledge in creating party coupon and low cost websites and am currently taking care of one. I can mail you the link in order and also phone me for my portfolio and phone info. I need ideas of if I might post links in the forum.

When all others reported, you should carefully consider a designer/developer. Then again, to make it easier you and have decrease site maintenance prices, i’d suggest that you just make the developer create the primary page of the actual " promotion" in ajax style. And thus the promotion is actually retrieved from a good external file (can end up being word document, XML, and so forth.. ) and having a simple content supervision system, you can certainly simply change the image, update the description belonging to the item and BEAT! it will on auto-pilot be updated on-line, no need that you can pay more!

I create mines about WordPress. It makes it even easier enabling full control.

very well

when you choose to find a designer that may do it, see if they could create a system that will help you upload deals easily. Again, remember what anyone else stated so it may become costly unless you can get someone to undertake it cheaper, usually a one man staff.

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