Need help with Hover Dropdown Navigation Menu

Hello there all,

I’m a graphic design student and currently doing a summer project that could land me a strong internship with Landor!

I am imagining really big just for this project and in the operation of creating an online site for part on the project. I am wanting to write all that HTML / CSS on my as I want to adapt my skills on this anyhow.

Concerning hit a brick wall with the project (Website) even though, the Navigation Palate!

I have designed my site in Photoshop while made a fancy navigation system which I want to actually implement in the site.

Basically I would like to create a dropdown navigation menus, with a hover effect, and once anyone hovers over a button I would like a custom drop down box for you to fade in and then have a bouncy cartoon effect into their final state.

Concerning created an image spend money on what I form of want.

Related to someone can aid, I believe I want Jquery but any help could well be greatly appreciated.

Thanks before hand

The actual drop down can be achieved with CSS only. The animation along with bounce is having Jquery or just a little javascript. Visit right here http: //developer. yahoo. com/yui/ you might download their library, which has several javascript animations. They besides provide the value, but give everyone detailed instructions on the way to use it. This kind of link http: //lwis. net/free-css-drop-down-menu/ has quite a few CSS drop menus you have available without javascript.

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