Need help with myspace.

OKay so I would like to make a good looking myspace, but i aren’t able to realy wrap the head around on the right way to do it along with I’m pretty sure I really could create a attractive website on my own (cause i did in the past), but I simply just dont understand how to do business with myspace and certainly one of my main doubts is: How does one add custom buttons

I tried googling it but many of what i uncover is outdated because you don’t have longer possible to provide custom CSS value and HTML towards " about me" portion, at least not which i know of.

So please any individual point me from the right direction/tutorial/site

Thx: classic:

Take this web site for example, shows who’s is still possible to increase custom buttons.
CONSTRUCTIONS on Myspace New music – Free Surging MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

for some reason myspace is parsing outbound links to an error page that would make you look just about criminal for top people to alternative sites. i have written them over it with no answer. they have designed customising it easier but you can forget iframes and simply no outbound links. makes no sense to my advice but whatever. probably afraid they’re just loosing ad funds.

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