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Greetings guys,
We are having a problem finding out the names/codes involving two slideshows as I used to be asked to comprise them specifically into my design. the 1st one is for the link ( world wide web (dot) pg. com/en_US/sustainability/index. shtml ) the next one is for the link ( cms (dot) template-help. com/magento_32726/ ). I am hoping you could aid me.


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Appears like JQuery to us…

See such sites that present scripts and plug-ins.
http: //www. search engine. com/#sclient=psy&… gc. r_pw. & fp=9e109416ad216412& biw=1003& bih=592


I appreciate your current help and Yes i think it is a JQuery nevertheless I need to discover the exact name/code of this one so I could use it.

virtually any ideas guys

Actually the 1st one is Adobe flash – right-click and you may see. (I also checked out the code to make sure)

The next one is a jQuery slider. jQuery is a basic framework and you also customize it trend and act the method that you want. There are numerous sliders available that folks have created within the basic framework – I wouldn’t realize how to find out which this is.

The flash one, you have to ask the website owner where they will got it.

The JQuery one appears like a Magento plug-in… through scriptaculous

So which one are you wanting the exact appoint for
They’re just both very several.


well actually We were looking for both advisors. each one is within a separate project for any school. I have been looking for those two in the past 3 days.

thank you for passing folks

Google jQuery sliders. Or visit jQuery. com and flip from the documentation till it reaches pictures.

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