Need help with Sliding Panel and IE

I’m unclear what’s causing our headache here (css, jquery, what have you) so I simply posted in basic.

Not long ago i added a vertical sliding panel through spyre studios towards my site with altergrounds. com as well as got it work beautifully in just about every major browser nonetheless IE (6, 6, and 8) with little effort but I have no clue why it’s mangling my layout in IE.

I’m certain it’s something simple but I’m a great code-tard I haven’t worked out what I have.

Just checking to view if I can post links.

My personal site is transform. grounds – separate. expressions

The vertical slider tut I used is Tips on how to Create A Sexy Vertical Sliding Solar panel Using jQuery In addition to CSS3 SpyreStudios

ie adds margins plus padding to things that are not spec by simply w3 standards. you can reset your entire css or simply just the effected pieces.

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