Need help with "text area" for a simple form (Javascript, PHP)

My organization is trying to use the suggestion of implementing Javascript for showing text inside a text area of any very simple type.

The site (and page) I found to help you me accomplish this is certainly:

http: //www. javascript-coder. com/javascript-form/javascript-form-value. phtml

" How you can set the value of a form element using Javascript"

It had been a little confusing –I first must learn that an easy " text input" licence plate wouldn’t do and I needed your " text area" licence plate. And it looked like this article would have the desired effect. But here’s where by I’m at:

This link shows the miscroscopic text area I’m attempting to fill w/ copy:

http: //www. f7digitaldesign. com/twd_newsite/index3. php

at the end left I wish a window where by people can submit ideas for a blog. But I’d prefer the text box to signify the text: " Please submit strategies for our blog here-we’d like to hear from a person! " until people click in the container.

Your next link shows the text area with the code the web page supplied and their working!

http: //www. f7digitaldesign. com/twd_newsite/index1a. php –shows your text: " Make sure you enter your issue in brief"

The code positioning the text while in the box is from the body tag

< shape onLoad=" initForm(document. forms0, ‘service_complaint’, ‘Please key in your complaint around brief’); " >

and I’ve done it the same way on one other file:

< shape onload=" initForm(document. forms0, ‘blog_suggestion’, ‘Please submit suggestions for our blog here-we’d like to hear from a person! ‘); " >

HOWEVER, it doesn’t show it. The file is likewise using a javascript archive called " demo1. js" which I’ve connected to both files.

What I’m wondering is if or not there’s something while in the code of the page that may be causing it to be able to fail. There is using PHP a whole lot. I’ve also called the miscroscopic test file that is working " index1a. php" to find out if it would certainly still work and it did, but there’s really no PHP code while in the file.

Any help w/ this would be appreciated.

I answered this in the cross-post in normal discussion.
http: //www. webdesignforums. net/thre… -area-for-a-simple-form-javascript-php. 35776/

Thanks a ton so much to your input. I realized the reason I have almost all that extra untidy code was from using PHP inc records. The inc files had the additional code, specifically some sort of file w/ this google analytics script. It comes on in total w/ view cause course. I’ve now cleaned up that file reduce all that additional code. But I still don’t view my onload operate working. Anymore views Thanks!

I also realized through your comment the PHP that will inserts the search engine analytics script was inside the body tag, so now it’s in the head like your code you wrote has that. But still no text arriving in the sort field….

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