Need some advice on colors to use

Howdy, i’m new right here!

at present my site can be using these colours, but they are generally off… hard for you to describe exactly, but i feel like they tend to be off.

My site can be design revolves throughout the colors: grey, dark-colored, and white.

attached are some snips in the actual site.

does anyone have got any advice on what colors i should use with the header, secondary header and footer that could look great together

Thanks considerably guys!

VV header

< < toolbar

< < footer

The trend is to just give us a url to your site
Those snippets connected with images do nothing for me.

What he said…

I am a fan regarding grayscale designs, but on some sites ( determined by context ), this doesn’t happen work…

Colors and by using colors ( and whitespace ), are completely dependent on what the site is around and the articles.

You wouldn’t to design a site in relation to rainbows using these types of colors… Unless you used to be explaining light fracturing and the many techincal aspects associated with color spectrums…

Only my 2 cents worth

http: //kuler. adobe. com/.

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