Need website code for simple looped video playback ..

Hello there guys.. I’m causeing the little teaser website for any concept, and We have never really created for anything web-based and so need some support…

What I’m endeavoring to is have a webpage what is the right in the center there exists just a video playing in the loop (i. age. when the movie finishes it gets going playing again).. The video file which would be played is stored online host server… I’m sure what you’re wondering, that I can certainly probably upload that video to facebook or something and get the embedding code to work (minus the looping aspect probably), but and here is what I likewise want: The player should have NO controls about the webpage.. That is, no play/pause control keys, no volume up/down, mute, fullscreen switches, etc.. Also ultimately speaking, there need to be no player border (like in the concept design graphic below).. Only the video itself needs to be visible with absolutely no controls for any type of interactivity whatsoever..

Here is a concept picture regarding what I’m aiming for (a simple webpage with just a black background along with a video playing in the middle with no links or controls of any kind):

The picture preceding shows a frame of one of several videos I will use..

Can someone probably point me to a few quick code which does what I want here I’ve tried make player using Adobe Dreamweaver though the SWF player comes with mandatory control buttons that we don’t want..

Brand new even consider implementing Dreamworks and Flash to create a loop playback Now i’m a newbie in the process, except I recognize my way around on PHP, MYSQL, and HTML I am just not saying professional about this field yet.

So basically you’re attempting to make a page the place that the visitor has zero choice but to watch after a video regarding whatever length you have made it and at whatever volume you decide is good for them, with no chance for turning it along, or off


I hate not in control of my browser, and I’d leave a site like that as fast as I could truthfully click my sensitive mouse. I know any time I’ve spoken to clients and good friends, they all say one of the most annoying thing is when they hit a web-site where music performs automatically – this would be more annoying with a long shot.

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