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Hi all
I’m just planning to start up for a freelance web designer in the uk, can anyone tell me the best places to get hold of images for work with on my clients sites or do you find it always best to ask clients to provide their own images A final thing I might like to do is break any copyright laws! How much can i expect to pay more for images What’s the differences between many of the licences (royalty-free / rights-managed etc) & which one would permit me to use images in clients sites

As well, can anyone recommend the most effective domain registration & hosting companies to visit with for my client sites

Appologies with the overload of doubts…. hope someone can easily help

Many thanks

Not wanting to sound mean or perhaps anything…

How long have you been doing web design They’re pretty basic questions that everyone knows the answer to once they have actually been in web design for any length of your respective.

Every image that is definitely not provided with the client is subject to potential copyright challenges… It’s up for you to determine in case an image offers any copyright prerequisites… There are literally countless sites that deliver images for used in every imaginable community…

Based on where you get them, they could be free, in which case you have to document where when you acquired this image and any copyright requirements… Some photographers will need you to give them away credit, where quite a few ask nothing associated with you.

If you paid for the particular image ( charge is dependant on where you have it ), it usually incorporates permission… Hold onto it, or pass it through to your client.

Domain name registrar and web hosting service, again, thousands involving places. Search these kind of forums for recommendations… I know of at least 20 threads that have lots of recommendations… Just keep in mind… You want a person’s hosting where your client’s target audience is… Or as a minimum the bulk of which…

You actually don’t want internet hosting in Asia ( is likely to be a little cheaper) and also us ( less costly ), if your clients target market is in the uk… the farther off from them, the slower your website will load ( latency), and the potential for troubles outside your deal with is greatly elevated.

You have the term " designer". You’ll find a ton of discussions here in relation to " design versus development".

Have you been simply designing the layouts with the pages… graphics, person buttons, menus, etc
Or have you been also " developing" the particular sites… javascripting, PHP, MySQL, CMS, JQuery, AJAX, and so on.

Not many people are experts on both. Some folks are graphics (design) individuals, some are more
straight into programming (development). Describe what you imagine " web designer" indicates.

Hi Webzarus, thanks for your reply. I’ve been ‘dabbling’ in web development for about FIVE years now on & off, self taught with several of it & done a few college / OU programs, but I’m nowhere near as qualified & trained as nearly all of you guys probably are. On this contrary, I’m still simply a humble novice hence I’m gonna start off on a microscopic scale, do a few sites for pals & family, do a little voluntary work the following & there and simply just see where it will require me. I’m aware our questions may seem ‘basic’ but I’m just after any 2nd opinion via some professionals who seem to web design on a regular basis rather than merely reading stuff that could or will not be correct & up-to-date information.
Thus, your answers are much appreciated all of which will no doubt help me to get on the correct track with most this…. thanks all over again

mlsiem….. Hi, thanks for a person’s reply too. With regards to your ‘designer v developer’ query, I’m definately looking at the design (front end) side of web design. Development is not personally, which I discovered next time i did a javascript program and failed miserably!! (not even gonna hope to delve any lower than that) Then again, I do understand enough of the XHTML & CSS to permit me to tweak the coding guiding the designs if necessary. When I’m towards this enough for getting asked about building more sophisticated web pages, I’ll probably have a look at contracting out greater complicated stuff in order to experts who know what they’re doing (I trust that’s common practice if you are not into your programming side of it) Meanwhile, any other advice is rather much appreciated. Gives thanks again mlsiem.

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