Netobjects Fusion 8 headache

Hi there all,
I just now made a website and uploaded the idea, but I have noticed a challenge, and I couldn’t solve it.
This is it.
For every link page, " /html" arrives before it.

Such as.
If my site is definitely cnn. com and I’ve other pages such as
— world
-asia, or anything else

Some of the ways its suppose to appear (and also the way I should give people the average person addresses:
cnn. com/world
cnn. com/africa
cnn. com/asia or anything else.

But instead what we get is:
cnn. com/html/world. html
cnn. com/html/africa. html
cnn. com/html/asia/html

I’d like to see to remove this specific middle " /html"

Can any1 tell me how to handle it

I’m not good around html coding, thats why i employ this fusion 8, and my free trial run period will end in 9 nights.

With thanks and waiting.


Might you link us that page Or would it be not live nonetheless

www. pimpmyphone. online.

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