New Beginner…how do I get started?

Hi most,

I’m wanting to purchase web design/web development. Can anyone inform me where POST should start Which in turn programming languages can i learn. Should I use wordpress I’d like to see to create nice websites, so I don’t mind setting up the work to ensure I offer excellent, quality services.

Hard question.

To develop sites takes experience in a lot of areas… client-side and server-side scripting.
Directories, page layouts, visitor compatibility, desktop or mobile applications.

You’ll be able to install a WordPress site, play about with templates, add-ons, adventures, etc.
But that won’t teach you PHP/MySQL.

I don’t realize how to answer it.

Have a look at http: //w3schools. com it has everything to get you started around web design/development! They have step-by-step lessons on things web, and start on the basics!

In case you are just starting, I would recommend you learn & first!!
These two certainly are a must to find out, and you will need to understand these that will help you understand other internet languages. No skepticism, you will employ these two throughout every web project you are doing!

is really a ‘markup’ language, it tags many of the content of your blog (ie. What is really a header, what is really a paragraph, what is really a image etc. ) styles all these HTML tags (ie. tag H1 ‘Heading’ to get 24px font-size and black in color etc. )

is really a really powerful software language for web based stuff. WordPress is offering PHP, for model, and uses a MySQL Database for you to store the written content. PHP can dynamically increase webpages through screenplays you write, what this means is it can bring up to date itself, so in order to speak. You need to know HTML before studying PHP though.

is really a scripting language of which basically can animate HTML & CSS, such as. Fade a color from Red in order to Green, or move an Image on the left to the right etc. You should know HTML & CSS just before learning JavaScript.


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