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Definitely guys, I recently became very considering web design plus am currently taking care of making a website. I’m trying to make a site that has a similar layout (not content) when www. thissongissick. com in addition to www. goodmusicallday. com. I regularly visit both of these sites and I’d like to make an identical design.

I’ve created an internet page in photoshop and from now on I’d like to have it up and running. Should I hands write the code with the website and use it to wordpress If that’s the case what should I learn how to do to carry out that (besides web coding and css with course).

Many thanks, any advice would be great!

if you’re getting into web deign you need to be building from your ground up on your site. graphics, value, layout. it’s labeled. the foremost ignored aspect of web page design is. every little bit of the web for your client is a spot to market the goods. you have to understand, show knowledge of basic marketing basics including. put your site on hold along with just play with and from the mean time till you are more then confident you already know these things. i thought this was a hard lesson to do when i started as well as a bad start could be very disheartening.

although branding and seo are styles of marketing, they are worth noting because the importance of people areas in search engine marketing.

Thanks for any response!

That stuff is quite helpful and I’ve begun investigating the marketing element of things. But I’m still wondering how specifically to make that kind of site I in all probability just haven’t acquired enough to understand making it but whenever someone could guide me down the correct path (possibly say you’ll want to become a expert at html/css and you need to learn how to utilize that to wordpress) advice of that ranking would be really helpful.

You can also hire someone to make you a custom made wp theme, or only start tinkering yourself, there is a great deal of reading material relating to this on google

save a directory on your own server and simply start playing. i obtained help on here and from building examples that will others. questions from some direct your research and will let you learn.

Howdy everyone, I have created a web site page in photoshop and today I’d like for getting it up and running. Should I hands write the code with the website and use it to word-press If that’s the case what should I learn how to do to carry out that. Thanks intended for sharing.

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In order to get into website design, you need to understand CSS.

CSS is used to style nearly all website. Its employed in both hand-coded xHTML and WordPress websites. That is the great place to begin learning.
CSS Tutorial
CSS Basics

An awesome book on setting up custom WordPress websites is…
Rockstar Squidoo Designer Rockable Press

w3schools fantastic resource for all website design needs, it includes most popular codes used for web page design. But the first that you start on is definitely HTML.
HTML PAGE Tutorial

To take a design from Photoshop to your web page, you’ll want to start slicing up the planning (generally) into that Header, Main articles, Sidebar an Footer pieces. Have a have a look at using CSS that will fill DIV tags to generate background colours and also borders etc.

HTML5 and CSS3 will be the latest technologies, though i’d take a step back and look at the earlier standards HTML4 plus CSS2. 1, these are extra widely supported with current web browsers and it’s likely you have less trouble creating with these earliest.

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