New to web design and advice needed

Cheers i will set to use that. Thanks

As part of your CSS styles, in case you gave styles to the a tag, then all of your links will possess those styles. On the other hand, if you applied the styles in order to div/class specific your tags, then a bit more have that dilemma.


I have made loads of progress and my website is finished. I will be uploading this this evening for individuals to see. Simply a quick question. I’m using the adhering to video

< iframe title=" Myspace video player" width=" 300" height=" 199" src=" http: //www. myspace. com/embed/f_NiRrWQwvU" frameborder=" 0" allowfullscreen> < /iframe>

How does someone get it indent by way of 20 px

Furthermore: Is there a way to enter a space

Cheers for your help!

perimeter: 1em 20px; will put a very similar to a line break before and right after it and indent them by 20 px.

Kind regards.

May this " perimeter: 1em 20px; " try it out the < > code on the video

Also I’ve been trying to be able to setup the contact me as well as the bottom of this footer. I have activated the old footer and devote one with not any text so I can write it me.

I created this inside CSS style

. alignright

drift: right;

and this inside HTML file from the footer section:


< p class=" alignright" > Get in touch with Me< /p>

It appears but is not on the right.

Use text-align: right; instead and examine if that gives you the desired effect.

Plus the margins either go in the style credit (style=" margin…. " ) or in case you give the iframe a great id, the id on the CSS.

Hi there everyone!

I’ve uploaded the newest version of my personal website. I employ a few problems though.


  • The picture within the homepage. I want that closer to the top but happen to be able to find that.
  • The footer wording, I can’t receive that in the biggest market of the splat. I believe that it is to do considering the AD.

Last of most:

  • Is their a way to get a living space between words. Within the Results page, they’re all headings yet I can’t receive spaces between these individuals.
  • I have code to get a facebook like button however , not sure how to position it.

< script src=" http: //connect. zynga. net/en_US/all. js#xfbml=1" > < /script>
< fb: like> < /fb: like>

Any comments regarding the site are allowed. Still haven’t absolutely finished it but I’m getting there currently. Cheers for personnel help.



Hi there,

On my results page I am in the way of updating any table. The table will not fit in the entire body. Is their anyway of extending the particular blue body part

Also I’d like to see to put pictures down along side it of the table even so the float method doesnt operate.

Kind regards

Make the background bigger. The good news is you have some room to complete so and continue to fit most visitor windows (1004 pixels would certainly work).

Should the table still wouldn’t fit, you can position the table inside of your div with scrolling attributes.

wider: 1004px;
overflow: car;

This would give you a horizontal scrollbar should you put the table that’s too wide inside of it.

Hi there,

Simply a quick question. How could i quickly upload our html files while i edit them that will my host

You may need an FTP program as well as the settings from ones host. There are the right free ones on the market, like CoreFTP.

Kind regards. It will make simpler!


I’m re designing my own website and having some navigation complications.

I am looking for the hover that will only be the size and style of the text Right now it isnt.

For your hover text, this hover picture can be 203 px by way of 35 px. I’d like to see to shrink this for smaller words.
ELECTRONIC. g. for home – should be about 100 px by 35 px.

In case you look in IE, it shows a couple navigation links per. The one on the left is what I’d like.

Also I’ve the following code



perimeter: 45px 0 0;
backdrop: #fff;
padding: 10px;
top: 340px;
width: 940px;
perimeter: auto;

WE thought the perimeter: 45 px 0 0; would move the particular featured section down by 45 px but it really didnt work.

Kind regards.

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