New to web design. Basic question.

Hello there, I am just trying to develop a webpage depending on a book given in my experience by my sister for a Chrristmas gift after some duration ago. The trouble I will be having is how you can include pictures. Next time i load it into the browser, I simply get small rectanbgles along with X’s in them. I tried dimension them, but this didn’t help. I’m pretty sure I gave it the best path. Any suggestions


Basically, your paths are certainly not correct, they consult files on your disk drive, not on the particular server.
Ones code:
< IMG SRC=" D: \Documents and Settings\George OBrien\Desktop\tone injector\" PICT0020. jpg" >
proper code:
< img src=" PICT0020. jpg" > (if the image is the same directory as the page on your server)
as well as:
< img src=" images/PICT0020. jpg" > (if the image is a directory identified as " Images" around the server. )

I’m going to hazard a estimate and say you are using Dreamweaver for your site – this has become the more common faults that occurs by using DW –

I wish Thought about the time to help post a clearer explanation of your – if a person change your paths so are still having difficulties, post a url (it’s OK in the event that it’s requested) and I’ll review the code internet.

what alpha claimed is correct… while you attach… an image inside a html page…. on the node the image path really needs to be relative to your page location….

regarding testing purposes… until you recognize the " general path"… you should just squeeze image in identical folder as your page…

for ones purposes… place your images inside the same location as your page… along with drop the " D: \Documents and Settings\George OBrien\Desktop\tone injector\" out of your page code…

when you upload the photographs and pages together towards the same location for the server… it are appropriate…

Mare: I merely fixed your program code very slightly. You’d " img scr" besides " img src".

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Regards all very much with the help!

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