New to webpages, need a little advice.

I will be new to the entire web design issues, but I wished to ask, I use a website that I’m working on, their at www. newmartbuildersinc. com
I will be trying to add something to the next site, I need to put maybe A NEW java style menu system which will allow for a new estimating option. I would like to enter each of the values in and anyone can log through to that page and select exactly what they want for a instantaneous quote, something including carports. com. I am possibly not too sure is there a best way in order to tackle this. Any tips inside the right direction is amazing. I am considering that java stands out as the best bet, but like I said I will be not sure. The main page to the knowledge is just about all completely html, so this are going to be a feat regarding someone like me who will be still new to this. Any tips could well be GREATLY appreciated. Regards.

I presume ones meaning the likely client picks goods from lists and it also totals up at the end Some kind involving calculator

I’m sure its a Joomla YOU. 5 module But this can help you complete what your right after – http: //makemoneyscripts. com/cost-calculator-script. html

P. ERSUS: If anyone detects a Joomla ONE PARTICULAR. 6 compatible calc you need to tell me!!!!

Here’s one of them I found…
http: //www. daniweb. com/web-development/javascript-dhtml-ajax/threads/341275

A differnt one I found…
http: //simplythebest. net/scripts/DHTML_scripts/javascripts/javascript_49. html

I would believe AJAX/PHP is the best way to go.
Nevertheless, interesting that you will find not many pieces of software available… I’m unsure why.

I can look into it tonight, i are trying this almost all out, ight turn out just going directly for java based, im not very sure just yet, like i said i will be a rookie at these items, but the guy who owns it’s helping me for getting my feet moist.

I’ve translates into several calculators making use of just ASP… will need to probably convert in order to asp. net ( gradually )…

there’re actually pretty simple to do…. once you determine your calculations… just drawback to asp… it’s important to post to that page… to calculate… so AJAX… as well as ASP. NET would allow you to do the calcs on changes… without exciting the page…

I will need to do one in which auto refreshes for the page, cant go on refresh. Thus asp. net would prolly be the best bet And I can do that to this webpage that is definitely linked with small hassle

with me not necessarily knowing ASP is going to possibly be hard

When looking around, don’t use the idea of " Java" when you really mean " Javascripting".
They could be recycled the same idea. What you are usually indicating, is the usage of AJAX, which
mixes Javascripting and PHP (most popular), as well as other server-side scripting.
AJAX may be a " method", not only a programming language. AJAX will provide the seamless
integration of updates without internet page refreshes. JQuery is usually Javascripting, and has
prebuilt libraries with great GUI functions. Look into of which also, along together with AJAX.

I’m not accustomed to ASP applications, but check into that also. I think you will have to use
your Windows server, instead of UNIX That’s something you might need to look into using your shared webhost.


Mlseim is usually correct… Slipped simply by me… Java is the whole blown programming language which they can use on the web ( huge mastering curve )… But is not really related to JavaScript in the least…

Asp is better run ok glass windows based servers… The actual chilisoft asp pertaining to apache servers by no means quite caught at with it’s confined functionality…

If you put your selections in fall downs… You could refresh the web page automatically on changes.. But that is definitely old school..

Calculating is possible with any scripting vocabulary.. But to good it that professional feel and look.. Ajax should be incorporated to calcutate your changes and never having to refresh the article completely…

I looked at the link which was sent, looking for the simplythebest one, im researching it, and im endeavoring to basically learn the programming language while I go, Concerning figured out adding many, such as production 7, and i figured in making the price make an appearance and how to perform all that, but im running proper error when hitting the total button, something along this lines work with the web site, i will only need to rebuild the entire page once instant messaging fully capable. there’re well aware connected with my learning, so its not wish I am expected perfection. Far as being the ajax style along with the full blown coffee programming, I are learning, all your telling is being study and stored thanks all for all the help so way, its moving my family hopefully towards the career option

Well I just spend a final 2 days seeking to figure this out and found that they only want to do a basic google spread metal sheet type option online. Wow. So now Managed to get to figure out how to make it a google spread page or excel distribute sheet. Yay.

So, if they prefer to use Google Items (which is free), they could create an online spreadsheet,
and a person with a login/password might access and update the database. Learn more about
Google Docs and find out whenever you can make interactive spreadsheet data… I’m not so
well-versed within Google Docs, but there might be something there.


Good, I found a plan that takes surpass spread sheets along with uploads them directly towards your page for you, Its a huge company, so the fee is irrelevant. But I am going to check into yahoo docs on wednesday. thank you mlseim, any ideas im getting to note.

Excel spreadsheets can be opened and modified directly with the web… as long because user has often MS Excel…. or maybe an excel person. ( there are usually free viewer available directly from MICROSOFT )

so you could just distribute THEIR excel spreadsheets… and give a link directly for the MS to get a hold of the viewer…

Because NOT EVERYONE uses or is known for a copy of Excel in life on their computer(and certainly not everyone will obtain and install something simply to see your spreadsheet )… Excel for only option is not really the greatest associated with ideas… for payday… probably OK… that the Calculator an individual first mentioned is usually pretty simple… and should be considered for over time…

are usually… the more those who can actually use the site… is more potential

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