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OK this can be a longshot, but I figured it can be worth reaching away and trying. I am a new freelance designer having been putting jointly (slowly might I add) a portfolio of clients in the past since graduating coming from UAT in Tempe, AZ back 2008 with any BS degree throughout Software Engineering by using an emphasis in Web Programming. My end goal is usually to build a itc company… nothing huge, just something a fantastic team of persons can enjoy working at while building a decent living traditional hunting had. Unfortunately after graduating I moved back to Dallas, TX and lost touch with the majority of my contacts from school inside the same field thus I’m left to recruit individuals who might have similiar interests and a passion to have a leap. Before most of you comment, I know this isn’t the easiest way of going to sort it out, but I’m posting on several discussion boards I’m a representative to just viewing if it causes any conversations as well as potential new interactions. You never know what’s in existence unless you ask.

I myself have not bad experience in each programming and pattern and I’m constantly seeking to add increasingly more tidbits of advice into this head of mine. WE currently build sales brochure type websites and also CMS websites using Joomla for folks, businesses, and church buildings. I haven’t actually launched my own ring website or company brand yet… the majority of my work is from people I am aware or referrals locally. With that said I’m getting ready to take another step. It would end up being really awesome to get people that would choose to team up and make an effort to create something unique. Yes it could possibly be easier if you reside in the North Colorado front range area, but that’s not a requirement. With the wonderful online we have a means to communicate and interact despite the distance involving us.

My goal is usually to create a team of people, each and every with different strengths, that could mix their time/efforts/energy/and skills not to only create web pages and company brand names, but to create the inspiration of a company that could continue to develop into something special. I’ve done the marketing/client discussions/design work/programming work/SEO/etc etc etc by myself for many years and I just look forward to the day in which a team and myself could interact on these jobs so one individual isn’t doing almost everything and getting used up out. You may be in the same situation and are looking for a change. Properly if anything WE proposed sounds interesting then let’s speak. Feel free to react to this post or email me (jeo_james1984yahoo. com). Look forward to hearing from an individual.

How much experience are you searching for, exactly Sounds like a better plan

I’m possibly not worried much with regards to professional experience… admittance level is very good. I’m more wary of skill sets and what the grade of your work is definitely. I’ve met lots of people with little for you to no professional practical knowledge (self-taught as well) that may do some really fine work. Any particular websites you have launched What are your strengths… weak spot… etc… info like and this we’d be considering. Thanks for a person’s interest.

I gotta admit since your idea actually noises interesting, although maybe not the best growable. You’re going to have trouble finding the right kind of people and acquiring all sides in order to agree on fine print of a contract that will easily enough be enforced and the all sides believe in, unless you’ve obtained an oDesk-style platform already in place.

How are you currently planning on handling working together with several other people and coordinating your projects, ensuring that you make money even though everyone else will get paid too

I too think the concept is interesting while it may not be the most probable I thought it was at least value the try. All things considered, if you purpose at nothing you’ll hit it each time.

I think the right kind of people are in existence you just have to find them. There are many of fr

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