New Website Ideas, but need help :S

Hello there All,

Ok, as you realize Im good by using CSS and HTML, the thing im currently useless from is JScript in addition to Jquery.

Concerning found inspiration using this site http: //www. templatemonster. com/demo/34361. web coding template. And want to recreate something comparable for my internet site. Only issue is definitely I dont really discover how to go about being in a position to do what this template does.

Does anyone possess any ideas I want the template style and design and layout as well as the way its hightech and DOESNT use expensive.

So any help could well be most apt.



That uses absolute placing to peg this elements into spot. I. e., the top end left one is defined to right: 0 along with bottom: 0. And then, it uses an easy script to change the dimensions from 150px BACK BUTTON 150px to 251×251.

I didn’t dig around to determine exactly how they will did it, however it probably looks somewhat this way in jQuery:

$(‘li a’). hover(function()
$(this). animate(
peak: 251px,
thicker: 251px

Forgive me that the syntax is somewhat off, as Im still learning, but that’s the general idea.

Why don’t you just purchase its template

Of course, you could most likely just use CSS3 transitions using a: hover element.

The requested URL /wt_34361/ wasn’t found on the following server.

Beauty of JavaScript would it be is visible to all or any!

The magic on this happens in: http: //static. livedemo00. template-help. com/wt_34361/js/scripts. js

age. g.

var ctgrs=$('. ctgrs'),
ctgrs_d=ctgrs. data('_navs')
ctgrs. navs(
hover: true,
blockSame: untrue,
hoverIn: function(li)
$('a', li)
. stop()
. animate(
thicker: 251,
height: 251,
fontSize: 36
easing: 'easeInQuart'
hoverOut: function(li)
$('a', li)
. stop()
. animate(
thicker: 150,
height: 150,
fontSize: 24
easing: 'easeOutSine'


Which is just what you’ve all been speaking about with the float.

Also, next time i view the value – I notice iframes….

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