Newbie question about spry menu in Explorer


Please forgive me I am a new to posting threads and web site design. Anyway my question is dependant on a site I created employing a template that posesses a vertical spry menu in dreamweaver. It views properly in Safari yet when viewed throughout Explorer 8 your vertical position of the spry shifts listed below, seemingly based for the overall height from the layout. I may post the HTML CODE, JS, and CSS for any page if anyone is interested in helping. Thank you for virtually every insight it’s likely you have.


Is a site live New members should not article links until they need a certain variety of posts (This is always to avoid spamming), but website viewing the live site would have been a good way for us determine what is drastically wrong. So can a person post a url to the site

Thank you for your interact, unfortunately I am only working away at it locally. I plan in having it up in several weeks, perhaps my question can be easier solved then But We are always appreciative involving any suggestions right until then if you might have any. Thanks again and i want to know whenever a any other info I can provide that will help you help me.

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