No more flash?

So as i am still learning easy methods to create better web pages, I have recently been seeing more websites witch appear to use flash. When you click on there website they have a loader witch is definitely animated, and subsequently it loads the page and displays it. So my own question is, could they be still using pen or can most of this be along with javascript and also jquery

Any place i will read and get details on making flash/interactive internet websites

It might not be flash… More plus much more people are creating their sliders, galleries, super-hero slideshows using jQuery and CSS. Sure your still gonna meet up with sites that even now utilize flash, as the good news is reason behind deploying it, games are the best reason for utilizing flash, videos are generally another reason… Incredibly easier and more efficient to produce them in flash when people visit all those sites they kinda expect to get to install anything ( flash gambler ), if they don’t already have this installed.

Here’s the challenge with flash generally speaking.

A SINGLE. They REQUIRE the user to download and purchase a plugin just to see content.
3. Search engine commonly don’t read the particular text inside flash
3 OR MORE. Apple products don’t display flash
SOME. If not performed properly, flash could potentially cause memory buffer overruns ( crashing surfers and PC’s )
5 VARIOUS. Flash ( sites ) can not be indexed by search engines like google ( see # COUPLE OF )

Progressively more developers are recreating elements who were previously done throughout flash in jquery because they don’t require the consumer to install anything, all the inbound links are searchable as well as indexable, no anxieties about crashing the actual browser, and whenever done properly ( CSS ), are generally completely cross cell phone compatible.

Together with apple products escalating in numbers, this makes your website and everything offered to to most level of browsers.

Thumb, if used regarding small elements don’t break your website, and are basically ignored if the consumer doesn’t or aren’t able to install the adobe flash player.

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