Not sure what to call this particular issue but advice needed…

Howdy, I am new to the present forum and know close to nothing about website development but I hope to uncover an answer to some problem I’m acquiring with my website. If I can a general search with several of my basic keyword phrases my website is fairly easily found but the search engines do not chose the specific items We’ve listed. We sell off goods for antique interiors, all authentic retro items so most people generally would only have one of each one item. If by way of example I list the " 19th century roses watercolour painting" and I do a web search for those people specific words, the search engines will never locate it. I beleive it can be something to do with only the best level pages being seen by the various search engines but how must i change that
Any advice appreciated. Thank you.

It are going to be almost impossible to obtain any top list of for specific items of your site.
You’re gonna be stuck with basic keywords. Now if you choosed " pay" with regard to rankings
in addition to listings, that’s an alternative story. What you need will cost dollars, and I’m guessing
considerably of money.


Howdy, thank you for trying to help but that may be not why. I’m not dealing with search engines field. What I mean is the fact search engines are not able to find specific merchandise on our site. It is something to do with the design from the website that doesn’t allow the various search engines to delve into your site, only the homepage/contact page or anything else, not the items themselves. I asked our freelance web designer about it quite a while ago but I can’t remember just what exactly he said. He did say it was something he can do but he / she hasn’t done this yet so We were wondering if it turned out somethng I may possibly change myself.

There are lots of things you can do here, but since I have no clue what your website is, they is going to be very general.

ONE PARTICULAR. Make sure this robots. txt file is not BLOCKING search motors from indexing your website, if you don’t have one ( a robots. txt report ), make sure to use one.

A COUPLE OF. Make sure that robots meta tag for the pages you want indexed are not stopping the search engines from indexing.

SEVERAL. Make sure to obtain a search tool on the site that allows a user to look the entire web page contents ( even though you only have TWENTY or 30 items on the webpage at any moment )

4. Make sure each one item is by yourself page ( assuming it is already the instance )

5. Make sure this content on each one page is formatted correctly… Ie. " 19th century roses watercolour painting" needs to be in an < h1> tag, write a small snippet ( as a minimum 200 characters ) related to each piece plus included the keywords you are attempting to get indexed with. if you have an index of comments Ie. Artist, when painted, genere, for example… put them in the < li> list…

Proper formatting regarding content and with all the proper tags can help search engines find out the importance on the page and content.

6TH. A site map is good for search engines, but unless you maintain it, it can truly what you are attempting to do.

SEVERAL. If you sell off something and get rid of the page regarding it, make sure that can put a 301 redirect to tell them that the page is just not longer available pertaining to indexing, this is a new courtesy to the various search engines, but I include seem some very good results from making use of them. ( notice log files to get how often a new page is required )

Search engines index " CONTENT", not images, so should you have no or minimal content on the page for every single specific item, it’s doubtful the fact that search engine is even about to bother indexing your page

right now some questions…

ONE PARTICULAR. Are the pages that your even being visited by engines like google " if the pages are not being crawled, there is really nothing that can be done at this point to generate your visibility " — check your site log files to view if and how often the pages under consideration are being found.

—– stop below as nothing different really matters until you understand that answer ——

A COUPLE OF. How long has the positioning been up in addition to visible " This can have an effect on search engines"
SEVERAL. Do you know which kind of other sites are being hosted on identical server that your web blog is on
4. Server Availability how often as well as for how long does your website go offline ( pertaining to maintenance, server challenges, etc )… search engines do not ever index sites which have been constantly having issues

Search engines shopping allows clients to submit the products for indexing, but I’ll tel you transparent, it is very frustrating unless you’re great with scripting to generate the materials it is advisable to submit the information to them.

once more, this is something that could hurt you unless you maintain it.

Howdy, thanks so much for your info. WOW! Most of that is method beyond my understanding I’m afraid. Used to do download a sign file for yesterday to view what I may find. Unfortunately I are not able to understand it along with I don’t genuinely know what to watch out for on it. Remorseful… Would you have the ability to tell me what I must be looking for

Used to do ask our freelance web designer again today over it and he mentioned something about some sort of " mod re-write" which it might assistance. I dont know very well what that is but he appeared to think it was one of the best option for at this point.

once more, sorry for my deficit of knowledge..

I am guessing your web-site is using PHP for some extent, as mod rewrite is normally used to alter the URL of your page, and the rewrite happens on the server level.

If the URL looks just like http: //yoursite. com/item. phpitem=12 or something like that, then it really is using PHP.

In the event you could post a connection to your site, it might be possible to tell what the case is more sort.

A mod rewrite for any URL can help out with certain situations, nonetheless content is major.

I’ve seen a great number of sites in the past pay SEO specialists ungodly amounts involving money for these people to write content a compact blurb about what the heck is on the web site. Then had the nerve to express to the site owners which they owned that content so if they didn’t want to pay for a monthly assistance fee, they would have to take the content over pages.

If you don’t are blocking serps, if you own good content, they will index it. Where those pages la

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