Online Questionaire Analysis-How does it work?

How could you go about creating a web based questionnaire that may analyze the users responses after which you can categories them You will discover sites that will continue to work out your personality profile once you have answered their questions and I’m curious as to help how it works as well as being built. Can an individual create systems along with advanced algorithms lurking behind the analysis

The HTML form and the PHP script to process the form is the straightforward part.

It is the algorithm part that is certainly difficult. You should determine what that algorithm is going to be.

Produce " specifications" on how form questions are going to be mathematically processed.
Can each question (response) get " points" Including 1, 2, 3 OR MORE, 4, 5 or even -3, 0, A FEW, 10, 20
Can the question responses be " weighted", " averaged", or in comparison with previous data

The processing part can be achieved with brute drive scripting, or by way of comparing responses
for you to various database ideals… hard to response this because there are actually so many solutions to do it.

Make up something with TWELVE questions… put an HTML form on a web page having your
12 questions, and use r / c buttons so an individual can pick one via each question.
Produce your specs on how it should report the right formula… perhaps you may make
an effective one about heart attack risk (height, bodyweight, age, smoker, midsection size, etc).
We can make a good example PHP script showing you how it may be resolved into any category.

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