Online Resturant Ordering system ?

Hey people, First moment poster… My namesChris and Im a hobbiest with which has done a fair little bit of work for my local club set. They are receiving me to lso are make their Bistro site and would choose to have an online order form to be able to replace their current fax form.

I got just going to generate a standard form just like a contact form just more completely, which im sure they may get away having, but i has been just wondering merely could pick the actual brains of you guys to understand if there is really a better option to achieve this

Thanks for almost any advice.

Almost like a shopping cart script Could they be using a charge card merchant to include them pay early in advance How many items shall be on the menus, and do they’ve good digital photos from the items

Yeah Essentially…. but they dont need a payment system…. do you think it becomes eaiser to simply just use somthing including ZenCart anyway

There exists exactly 52items with their planned new menu but that they dont require pictures although i am going to advise they accomplish.

Ive always been any type of person to help to make somthing work without actually eating 100% of the best way it works, that’s a bad issue that leaves me from a jam like at this point. My thinking was a questionaire with quantity box’s that will auto calculate a price into the total displayed nearby the submit button… But i realize i dont have knowledge to produce a real thing haha.

Any direction on the direction to go here would be great,

I did one of these simple a few issue for a client.

Became more of the pain than very good. I’d suggest no less than requiring a registration to apply it.

What happened to my client ( versus my advice ) live something similar. Got about 3 assignments in 2 months. Then they started getting numerous orders but no-one would ever manifest to pick way up the orders. Knowing much about the particular restaurant industry, aging take much to cut to the small margins these are running in these days.

At the minimum, require a mobile phone call back confirmation.

The actual implementation part is actually fairly simple. Look at some Ajax calculators, you’d probably find these are easy to do business with.

I agree which anything online should require any recordings payment, to create ownership while using order.
When they don’t show, and you’ve spent any time making the meal, filling the order… they paid previously.

Regardless if or not you do have a way for them to pay, I have another idea to suit your needs…

You possibly can create (or you can already have) a totally free Google account. Along with that, you could create
your Google Doc Spreadsheet. List the home in there… during this sort of vogue:

YOUR PHP script may read that The search engines Doc and show the menu dynamically.
After backing up use your Javascripting to handle the on-screen volume and calculator.

This is the deal with regards to Google Docs… your client could also have a Search engines account, and they
can access the identical database. So they can edit the products and costs all independantly.
You don’t need a MySQL databases, or an admin section with your site. It’s merely a Google Doc.

Thanks guys for that, i relayed the particular confirmation problems for the CEO… of course as being a CEO he is aware better and thinks most effective for you fine, Not my personal problem now when i guess lol.

I got searching through yahoo and google docs and pretty much to give you a whirl, next time i stumbled on the most good tutorial doing just what i asked… it just uses an average html/php form as well as some JS to car calculate individual items if more next one was decided on, and then carries a final total also.

had been a pretty good tut, http: //www. h

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