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Hello everyone,
I have been previously designing a few sites off as well as on with Dreamweaver and possess just recently tried to get more into the idea, but the thing I’m experiencing the most is finding a good direction-finding layout. I learn Dreamweaver has built-in themes, and I’ve found several of them to become useful, but that may be all. Does anyone have any certain resources for templates, or such I’ve truly gone on Youtube . com and searched all-around, and I’ve found some good stuff, just n’t any good real easy navigation layouts. It’s possible I’m just staying too picky

virtually. there are a pair of major formats pertaining to nav. horizontal plus sidebar. i wouldn’t spend any further time on dreamweaver tho if you wish to expand your ingenuity.

what I are likely to do, no make a difference if it’s pertaining to navigation, icons, ways of display large directories,… is ust surf around the internet, looking for stuff I like on different internet sites, and than have a look at their source code. It’s not thieving, it’s looking for the work others did to improve on your own.

My two bobs worth is to consider successful sites.
Successful sites really should have the user experience bit nailed.
Getting older sound too interesting but navigation feel big sites, amazon, ebay has to be doing something to certainly get users to the right place for their sites

Thanks everybody. I’ll look around at a few of the better sites as well as see what We can find.

For what its worth i locate it rather effective to possess a top menus either above and also below ones banner and another extras(logins, newsletters ect. ) about the right hand side of any website and people usually read from the left for the right so that helps aswell.

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