What do you think of Quanta?

We have just started employing Quanta to write a fresh site. Has anybody used it If so, what do you see it It seems pretty good up to now but I’d love to know if these have any short-comings ahead of I get too involved with it. Many thanks http: //quanta. sourceforge. net/ I hate Linux to be a desktop environment hence I wouldn’t find out. Fair plenty of That’s the correct URL for the particular app. I’ve only lately switched to Linux and at this time I find it preferable to Glass windows. It seems to allow a lot more control over just how it works. Perhaps there are several people out generally there who don’t hate Linux I love linux as any server and pc system –it great for me but you wont find much linux users all-around (desktop) Accurate. That’s why I’m using it. I’m a network administrator and I would say that now there aren’t many problems with Windows that MY PARTNER AND I can’t resolve. Unfortunately several of people by using those skills about so I believed I’d branch out in to the less saturated market of Linux web 2 . 0 – hence using … Continue reading

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form verify

what would be your best way of verifying whether a user has filled in every the fields of your form… javascript or another script.. Appears like a very uncomplicated javascript function. Let me know if you want assistance with this. yer in the event you wouldnt mind nocloset Within your < form> tag, include an onsubmit attribute like this: < variety onsubmit=" return validate(this); " > Then you’ll want to write a verify function. The exact written content depends on what kind of validation you wish to perform, but here’s a good example that assumes you have a < input type=" text" name=" mytextbox" > somewhere within your form: perform validate(myform) in the event (myform. mytextbox. value == " " ) notify (" You must add a value with regard to mytextbox. " ); returning false; returning true; If you want something more stylish than this, maybe you can work together by email. Let me personally know. just say we have these fields throughout my form name email telephone responses may wanna add: mytextbox. focus(); once alert. only small change.

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rollover text links – how to?

I have been previously wondering how to set-up those links which you see everywhere — the people that are bold to begin with but then when the mouse rolls around it becomes underscored as well as perhaps another colour. what do i need to do to achieve this thanks on your time! : p. azines. a simple example may be the CNN. com homepage — almost all links for headlines there are what i’m referring to (only backwards w/the underscore disappearing) you’ll want to use CSS:: . yourlink ANY font-family: Verdana; colour: blue; text-decoration: it’s unlikely that any; . yourlink ANY: hover colour: red; text-decoration: underline; Also you can have a stylesheet, this can save you having to key in the css code for each link and have it for the entire page! A good CSS resource is definitely W3Schools. They also provide guides to HTML CODE, Javascript, XML and much more. Just were going to say thanks for all those your guys’ help — They may be I’ve found the proper place to find answers. Have a great day… LANE This can be css code which could go in the head of the page OR for a seperate stylesheet…: … Continue reading

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urgent please help

Sorry do not know where to publish this i hve a challenge and i have to have your help… we have a yahoo collection http: //groups. aol. com/group/diana_karazon/ you can add html value in description their limited to 2000 characters and i needed more than 2000 characters thus i use iFrame to include html file also it worked fine… it was: < iframe src=" http: //www. diana-karazon. net/webclub/index. htm" name=" MyFrame" width=" 440" height=" 1300" align=" center" > This net uses iFrame. please upgrade your browser in order to view it. < /iframe> < p> Resume Visible Page Content… < /p> and now i enetered the group and also the description isn’t being employed i don’t know why i tried to contact yahoo support for help and they also didn’t answer.. i don’t know if such value is forbidden with yahoo groups… anyone may also help me to work with aother include method that could work in google groups.. i wanna incorporate this page http: //www. diana-karazon. net/webclub/index. htm many thanks in advanced.

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New help required.

Howdy all, This will likely seem a tad basic but I am really stuck. I have no clue how to layout backgrounds – also simple ones like a two tone image. Within Frontpage, you choose a theme also it does it available for you but secure create backgrounds as well as themes in some other applications The obvious would be to design something throughout PhotoShop. But to be honest, you need for you to stipulate an photograph size. I have zero idea how great the image needs to be because I have no idea of how much info I am going to place on my web site! In addition to unless the patern is actually basic, I won’t have the ability to just repeat it over and over as a background image precisely as it won’t be seamless. And and here , I am trapped. By way of example, I saw a web page that had a super easy background. About 1/3 in the width of the particular page, there was any squiggly line – almost much like the letter " s" echoing itself. On one side the colour was blue and also the other was white wine. We have … Continue reading

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Not Quite GoogleBot

Are numerous spam-spiders immitating Googlebot I ask because I" ve been make by googlebot OF SIXTEEN times (front page) in past times 2 weeks… seems somewhat excessive, and if you do… how can you tell if it can be real I get numerous IP’s like: 64. 68. 82. 169 this aren’t resolveable, only rarely must i get a crawlerx. googlebot. com coordinator. 64. 68. * is Google’s IP range (one advisors anyway). Often periods, however, they try to assure that the DNS does not resolve either as a way to ensure that persons don’t immediately clue as it’s the Googlebot or perhaps because different Googlebots (and POST forget how they it exactly) check out different pages and sites in a strong order only Search engine knows. So in case Bot 1 ended up being visiting Site A SINGLE, Page 1, and also Bot 2 complete spidering Site TWO, Page 1 initial, you might notice Bot 2 going to Site 1, Site 2. My regulation is that whenever it’s the introduction of the month when POST see traffic via IPs that generally don’t resolve, it is benevolent bot targeted traffic. To keep haven’t seen any spam spiders imitating Googlebot me personally, … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Html Code

There has to be any way it is possible to prevent people taking a look at your source for yourself website www. ch0ices. com (where WHEN I host my site) have something such as this which I do think will be really usefull Can a person please help me personally out. Regards, Serta Disable right click will be only basic system, but then you only go to Alter View Source. I do not know of any way to do it. Check this page out for more information. There is no true method to protect your program code, because the browser must see it. http: //webdesignforums. net/showthread. phps=& threadid=6818& highlight=protect computer code.

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Website background music/effects

I don’t really learn of if this subject may be in these forums yet because it’s a very common you. Couldn’t find it considering the search engine anyhow, hence here it should go: I would like to know what folks feel about backdrop music/sound effects at websites(and I’m not talking about background MIDI data files, but sound loops in addition to music tracks usually added in a piece of flash), is the item experienced as annoying or relaxing Or does it just add something nice in your website I will enjoy a good tune online on a website, and I’m thinking to provide some good audio to my site at the same time. I do utilize sound effects, and music is no issue for me. But how many people are the following that think music is really a waste of their page loading time Or that your sudden sound results scares the terrible outta them. Lets hope you can help me using this type of, all I want are some good opinions and some do’s or dont’s. Many people here are against music online. Alot of people take note on music while surfing the net (including me), and sound from … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Work

Possibly there is any way you can protect your designs you a showing using a site to allow them to not be compromised As I have Five on show however am afraid to utilize my best pertaining to show incase many one steals my own ideas Thanks If you wish to display templates, upload them as being a screenshot, smaller proportions so they can’t be used. You may write " sample" or something to the next effect on the particular template. It doesn’t should be in bright reddish colored, just something subtle enough make wont be capable to be used. A jpeg is definitely no match for a high quality PSD. I dont believe many people is able to steal a monitor shot and produce something decent beyond it. Ah yeah I became thinking that two, my other question is concerning copyright You see it at the end of almost just about every website you visit But do you need it officially to put that sort of message at the bottom of your article Just put it down now there and its you. Anything you create is the property automatically, but putting any copyright notice strategy. Ah, I thought you … Continue reading

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index pages and frame sets

Hi My business is starting out learning website development for a fiew ideas Relating to. I have tried to put together a site making use of dreamweaver. I understand out of my reading how the index page is key and needed when making a site. I have a simple TWO frame site but while i name the " shape set" as the index page the site is not displayed much like the index page seriously isn’t being found. Can anyone offer be an aid to someone starting out gives thanks invert dont employ frames they awful Anything made in frames can be achieved better with conference tables.. have u became a design for ur site that marilyn and i can see as well as help u generate Code: < html> < head> < title> Main Title< /title> < /head> < frameset cols=" A HUNDRED AND FIFTY, *" > < shape name=" contents" target=" main" src=" page1. html" > < shape name=" main" src=" page2. html" > < noframes> < body> < p> This page must contain content men and women who have frames disabled are able to see. < /p> < /body> < /noframes> < /frameset> < /html> Using Eyeglasses, … Continue reading

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