deleting files in BULK

we have a site using about a mil pics on this,,, i use my site to be a pic host regarding things i carry out online,,,, but id love to delete stuff,,, post clicked on my personal CONTROL PANEL by using my host,, also it took forever,,, and they also said i had a great deal of it might previously complete,,,, they said i want an ftp to delete my internet pages,,, can i can with with fr2000,,, can one go into this course,, and delete pictures on my page,, and then issue the NOW CLEAN PAGE to my own server,, and delete the files doing this,,,, but the what must do with all the pics on my own fp2000 harddrive,,, i only know how to delete one at the moment,,, how do post BULK DELETE IMAGES AND FILES OUT OF FP2000,,,, thanks,,, rodney Whenever you can SSH into the server, use that command. Code: rm -rf. / .

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http request…

Hi, Formerly suffering with tinnitus having a dilemma accessing my computer system remotely via http. The best request to this homepage just hangs and I by no means get an realization. If i refresh the present request, the web page will load good. For instance if I key in http: //eshopsoho. com from a browser it will just spin it’s wheels and timeout. If i click refresh or load the page again it’s going to display as expected. Has anyone previously seen this behavior before of course , if so how did you found yourself in a solution. BTW — I have another site hsoted on the same computer but it does the same thing. Appliance: Linksys Router w/vpn (default options & latest firmware) Alcatel dsl modem Computer software: Microsoft windows Server WHEN I appreciate any results… Make sure you’ve got your firewall create correctly in that router. gives thanks filburt i do think i narrowed it into the dsl modem config…

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A Good Scroller??

Any person know where Allow me to get one exactly like the one on this particular site http: //regretless. com/dodo/newworld/index2. php I found these types of threads that look to be similar for you to yours. Do any of these help News Ticker/Scroller by dumbbyte in the forum Javascript along with Languages any good flash the way to sites by sniper inside the forum Graphics plus Flash Good newbie PHP ebooks by Jethro in the forum PHP good cheap hosting by Rufus in the forum Picking your Hosting Company If they do not a human will probably be along soon anyway to assist you more. Howdy Katura, The page that you simply see there had been done in eyeglasses (which split a new page up into several other pages of content. ) You may see a really good tutorial on eyeglass frames and how some people work here: http: //www. htmlgoodies. com/tutors/fram. html (He does plenty of other good tutorials too on that web-site. It’s where I learned supposed to be about HTML so too long ago. ) HelperBot’s first link needs to be helpful, too.

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okay… I got my router to let the port 80 go through.. but now while i load it over the IP it doesn’t load up… http: //paradoxpc. jrawly. com —————————===== Example Explain. that is certainly the default index. html file regarding apache. Remove almost all files from < apache installation directory> /htdocs/ submission site, except the " manual" folder. and Place your own personal. that is if you are running it on windows. Also, never loaded with luck. You may as well add an Alias directive afre the wedding, or use your own personal DcoumentRoot. Poke around within the manual to see what they do. bah.. thats not what I became talking about… it turned out because 2. 0 can be crap… so now I have 1. 3. 27 but it still doesn’t operate right… it can choose like 3 moments working fine… in that case it just halts wirking.. and I will only access it from " localhost" to. o help: ‘-( REVISE: never mind… I acquired it to perform… somehow the timeout within the php. ini was set to YOUR FIVE seconds…

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Choosing a layout

What layout regarded as a use world wide web. geocities. com/gamingliberty or world wide web. geocities. com/gamingliberty/tester. html page I found these types of threads that look to be similar for you to yours. Do any of these help layout by DevilishDreams in the forum General Design Here’s my layout… by LeaDxPainT in the forum General Design comments to the layout. by p3t3r in the forum General Design Layout in addition to Quicktime issues inside i. e. for mac by IndustriousBird in the forum HTML as well as CSS If they do not a human will probably be along soon anyway to assist you more.

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web addressing question

Please huh if this can be a stupid question or merely came to a different place to understand this question aswered. I’m a self coached computer guy seeking to understand what will be happening here… Once i open a. cmp promt and enter: ping google. com, the item shows an IP adress of 216. 239. 51. HUNDRED. If I enter google. com inside browsser adress bar I get the search engines, but if I enter 216. 239. 51. HUNDRED I get anything else. Why may this happen What the heck is at the device to dirrect me on the main page next time i surf there yet my. cmd promt pings a diffrent page Thanks for taking a look. Ruk Probably try pinging internet. google. com. Used to do that and got a diff. IP then you. I am less than sure what site you want to reach though.. You got it, they’re different IPs. internet. google. com is definitely 216. 239. 53. INFO and google. com is definitely 216. 239. 27. 100. and ofcourse the IP the. cmd promt pings is different page as one you get if you type that similar IP addy the. cmd promt is pinging … Continue reading

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Bandwidth Leeches

What may i suggest to a friend who writes my family: The host provides a strong IIS/Windows 2000 server. They also give CGI, in the examples below languages: PHP4, PERL, SSI, ASP. Regrettably, I know next to nothing about any analysts. The only language I’m pretty good together with is HTML, which usually up until a short while ago, was all WE ever needed. The primary issue is leeches remotely relating to my visuals or sounds once i am the one investing in the bandwidth. Whether the people really visit my site isn’t important, especially since I provide all this for free. The website is averaging EIGHT – 10, 000 visitors via 45 – 50+ countries per month, so I am OK using the head count. I get specific site stats on a regular basis, and this is actually how I get the remote links. There are various different types connected with remote linking, they’re: YOU. They design his or her site, but rather than downloading my files then uploading them recommended to their own server, that they link remotely. Whenever someone visits the site and individuals pages are viewed within a browser, I finance the bandwidth. I get rid … Continue reading

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Netscape 6.2 problem

Must open doc data in Netscape. Problem is with Netscape HALF A DOZEN. 2 (VP is by using version) Doc file can not be opened with Netscape. I’ve tried adding doc to be a helper Application less than preferences but that does not work either. Can anyone help with this, other than sharing with the boss to work with IE If by doctor file you imply a file which has a. doc extension the boss must get MS Word to examine it. Get MS Word. Doc application won’t open when clicking on link in Netscape to wide open xyz. doc. Almost nothing happens. It should at the least download make confident the file would not magically appear with his desktop whenever he clicks the actual link. Mac browsers normally not give visible feedback when installing a file. Report doesn’t download. Machine is often a pc, not the MAC. Here is some more background info. I am working on the Intranet site. That doc file rests on another equipment. If I squeeze file on the server the place that the Intranet resides, it works fine, but there are others who up-date this file that can’t have the Intranet server, so this … Continue reading

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Test Bot Test

Heya bot! How’s it intending I found these threads that look for be similar that will yours. Do any analysts help Pose VB Questions to get a test by thexchord inside forum Javascript and also other Languages Test thread: HelperBot, reply! We would like HTML help! by filburt1 inside forum Other Inquiries and Forums If they never a human will probably be along soon anyway to help you out more. No thanks. Those aren’t very useful equivalent threads. Pretty cool, you have a bot too!

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Domain email

I got looking for a way to allow my visitors ahead to my domain and be able to sign up with regard to an email correct at my site. I get emails continuously for it but Need to get a password through that person they usually can’t change this. Some people don’t seem to like this, not to mention I at ease with making all the accounts. Does anyone realize how to do this, definitely not an email forwarder possibly, I want an actual address. No some other forum could respond to this, maybe a person here can… Welcome to the board, Daniel! http: //www. everyone. net might work for you. They used to supply free (your domain). com web based emails in exchange for your right to sell on it. Not sure if they still do that though. Yea I tried this kind of and BigMailbox. com, both cause you to be pay now. I wish I possibly could do it from my server, also well then, I guess people don’t have the address. Thanks for your reply thouogh. Look into http: //www. hivemail. com/. It’s not free to you personally but you possibly can make accounts free that … Continue reading

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