PDF Files and Windows 7

Since then my institution up-to-date my office PC plus the VMWare on my Mac to Home windows 7, I’ve had reactions to links to PDF FILE files using any/all browsers inside PC environment.

I either have a pop-up window by using " Adobe Acrobat" including a question mark, or even a blank windows. I can perform around it with IE and FF through refreshing the page or using the back button to be able to retry the hyperlinks, but it’s becoming a dilemma. (Chrome freezes upon me all together) We’ve tested links at several computers with all the same results.

We’ve been running IE8, the latest FF, and Acrobat Expert 9. 0. 0. Not each of the institutes PC’s get updated to Windows 7 – nonetheless. Those still employing Windows XP will not be having problems.

Has anyone came across this error If you do, is there a fix

Have you attempted running IE below compatability mode not really a permanent fix nonetheless it may show in the event it ie and also windows 7 thats the problem. this would also be employed by chrome etc

Using the Child stroller mode in IE didn’t really make a difference. Although I’m getting better at making it work. (quick refresh – with the browser back switch – and trying again)

Basically can get one particular PDF to load properly, the rest all appear to work just fine afterwards.

Your refresh, back button, retry, also works together with FF. There’s a negligible difference in behavior after i have the chek out the PDF place towards a ‘target=" _blank" I window. But hitting that refresh button some more times, termination the window, retrying, and so forth. fixes that in the process.

Still clumsy and for someone visiting coursesmart for at first chance, who doesn’t possess the patience to determine it out, a true problem.

Chrome however freezes.

I trolled the Adobe message boards and found that thread.

Adobe Boards: " Cannot use adobe reader to determine pdf in…

Looks like it’s a known concern with Chrome at the same time:

Adobe PDF issues: Webpage show issues (Windows) : Google Chrome Assist

I think we found a fix for Windows SEVEN users.

If you use IE or FF, we were able to get it to operate by doing the following:

1. Open both Acrobat Master and/or Acrobat Readership and under " Edit > Preferences > Internet" turn off the check container for " Exhibit PDF in Cell phone browser. "

2. In Firefox under " Tools > Possibilities > Applications" collection the default motion for Adobe PDF FILE files to " Acrobat Reader" rather then " Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox). "

You should definitely have the most current version of Acrobat Reader – As MY PARTNER AND I write this, In my opinion it is v. HUNTING FOR. 4.

You would like to reboot your pc before IE gets going to behave.

The moment we set the browser to wide open PDF files with Acrobat Reader rather than in the cell phone window, it seemed to repair the problem.

Chrome however needs a fix, but IE in addition to FF are both being employed by us now.

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