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http: //www. notebookreview. com/ < — just like so… what is the best way to do which

I thought of their HTML origin. At the base, they use javascripting plus CSS to " stick" it to the bottom.

It is possible to place it in a very div with the class=" stickyFooter" and style it this way:

div. stickyFooter
location: fixed;
bottom: 0px;
width: 100%;
height: 30px;
background-color: #cccccc;

I am sorry, I don’t mean the thing at the bottom. I mean finish of it . that at the top end where you pick from the sites…

Im viewing it at FireFox, and it may not be persistent. It moves over screen when up and down scrolling.

The bottom bar is chronic though.

I used a bad term then… MY SPOUSE AND I meant Persistent all around their sites… not persistent over the remaining webpage.

Here are a few ways you may have that at the top part of each web site. Personally I might use PHP comprises. Inside of this include file you would format a div with your content in it. Then you would certainly call the div in your style sheet with something such as position: absolute; width: 100%, top: 0px; levels: 30px;

After that, if you ever need to edit this header you could potentially simply edit the actual single include file plus it would update across all the pages that you included it.

Wise course of action, I already get that with the headers and footers withing sites therefore it won’t been too much. Thanks!

Things is going to be a bit different whenever you include the menu in other websites.

Create the menu part in a script called " selection. php".
After that, inside that script, you have to determine which in turn page you’re upon so
it is possible to manipulate the tab (which tab will be highlighted, or selected).

Don’t forget, all pages is going to be including the exact " menu. php" script, therefore you
must know which tab to highlight.

I’m unclear how you are generating (dynamically) and also displaying your webpages,
so I aren’t able to offer any suggestions for your. I suppose you might include " selection. php"
on your own site and next show us just what exactly isn’t working (give individuals the URL).

How do i set it to be aware of which tab I must also know this for the navigational menu I’m implementing for something otherwise!!

Can you exhibit me the URL to the site
I need to visit how you reference point your pages.

For example, index. php as well as about. php. MY SPOUSE AND I use regular WEB CODING, with PHP includes for header along with footer.

You’ll develop a script… maybe phone it " selection. php" and that is certainly included on just about every script.

On the top of palate. php, you’ll find the script name… such as " index. php, about. php, contact. php, etc"

Comparable to this… using different classes to mouse over the tabs.


< php
substr($_SERVER"SCRIPT_NAME", strrpos($_SERVER"SCRIPT_NAME", "/")+1);


< div  id="menu">
< ul>

< php
if($url=="home. php")
"< li  class=\"selected\">   & nbsp;   HOME< /li> ";

echo"< li> < a  href=\"http: //www. mysite. com\"  tabindex=\"1\"  class=\"selected\">   & nbsp;   HOME< /a> < /li> ";

if($url=="about. php")
"< li  class=\"selected\">   & nbsp;   ABOUT< /li> ";

echo"< li> < a  href=\"http: //www. mysite. com\about. php\"  tabindex=\"1\"  class=\"selected\">   & nbsp;   ABOUT< /a> < /li> ";

if($url=="contact. php")
"< li  class=\"selected\">   & nbsp;   CONTACT< /li> ";

echo"< li> < a  href=\"http: //www. mysite. com\contact. php"  tabindex=\"1\"  class=\"selected\">   & nbsp;   CONTACT< /a> < /li> ";


< /ul>
< /div>

FINE. How does that know which web page is which though
I am aware the PHP involving it, but I do not understand how the idea knows!

This line parses-out the name from the script…

$url = substr($_SERVER<span styl

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