photo shoot essentials


I might be taking with in-house photography duties and I had been wondering what people think must be some essential equipment for while i do shoots. Up to now I’ve got:

-digital level
-lint roller
-squeeky toy

Any suggestions which y’all feel are very important

Really very good lighting.

I aim to do most pics in natural light, but when MY SPOUSE AND I can’t I use some really good xenon ( light source fixtures ) reflected off from some white difusers I made.

A quality neutral backdrop resources… When I can product shoots MY PARTNER AND I try black, white or grey towels… But I estimate that’s always dependent on the subject ( merchandise ) and or perhaps client.

Once did some for any client…. Did some sort of diffused spotlight… In the pitch black room, and set the products on a half inch slab involving dark grey marble… Turned out really nice, so nice among their competitors have something eerily similar your next year. My client asked only had done in which for them.

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