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I had been slicing photoshop plus putting it within tables until I found that was incorrect. Then I found out about using css and also the examples I here’s finding don’t specifically fit to my internet site, so Im wanting to ask question that will help me understand it. I’m not always helpful to picking it ” up ” how others express it. If that adds up.

any way I’d like to see to slice up website and position the idea with css as an alternative to tables. I created a bit example to demonstrate where I feel having problems. If anyone could possibly help me position or check out my code as well as show me where by I’m going wrong I would appreciate it.

I don’t prefer to repeat any pictures or use color for any back ground. I’d like to see to use just about all images. I know you require headings, so I think I want to help hide the wording.

recommendations my example

Perspective attachment 4691

here i will discuss my slices

Perspective attachment 4693

Perspective attachment 4692

Perspective attachment 4694

Perspective attachment 4695

So my css code could be this

text-align: heart;
perimeter: 0;

. container
perimeter: 0 auto;
wider: 1000px;
top: 200px;
text-align: kept;

. header
wider: 1000px;
top: 200px;

< body>

< div class=" container" >
< div header=" header" > < /div>

< /div>
< /body>

Learn how to position the items inside my div header. I’d like to see all four pictures inside. I would like to label my brand with an h1 tag and put text in buying it that is hidden. Any help will be appreciated.

my layout is definitely 1000 by along with 200 thanks for every help

use another div inside it and generate your pic as background for this div

I don’t even think you understand. WE probably worded the idea horribly.

I care how to situation my four images which have been sliced in photoshop in xhtml in addition to css.

Imagine the image you laughed and said to to place in a div. now imagine you will discover 4 images sliced from any particular one image and I need to be able to click on all four of which and have a new link.

imagine the record we’re slicing is usually 1000 w through 200 h in fact it is sliced perfectly directly into 4 squares with 500w x 100h.

how would anyone put it right into a div box and position everyone where they get exactly. Can anyone help me using the code.

any way i think you miss using this type of code
< div header=" header" > < /div>
it should be
< div class=" header" > < /div>
same thing here
. header
wider: 1000px;
top: 200px;
you miss by the end
CSS will not recognize the end from the class there
and about the Pic you wish to put on the header would you be more specify about this..
there is many way to accomplish that.. one of them use list tag UL to split in the dive to segregated area with designate width to each element of the list (LI tag)…

thanks for your help with the actual class stuff.

I’d like to see to place two images in a div box that seo friendly approach.

Can you create simple code that features a div box then two other div boxes with it with photographs in each inserted they way they’d be in a psd file. Look at our picture and think about 1000w x 200h halfed vertically as well as the pictures positioned where they need to be.

What I’m essentially seeking to do is create a psd document that is sliced and put it into xhtml and css for making a search favorable website.

I’m asking for a simple explanation where I can figure out how to position all connected with my images. So think of a 1000w by 200 h serperated with half vertically. What code would position both pictures exactly like they’re just in the psd archive.

do you understand that if the stand list is the way to go, how do I achieve that. If there is another way that is search engine marketing friendly, how must do that

if it doesn’t make sense

I’d like to see a div box that 50h simply by 50w. Inside that div box I want two div boxes while using images that tend to be 50h x 25w as well the css approach

try that code " u have to change images names"
i make them simple all what you need is make the pictures fit while using size of header box (div)..

all right that works

but it really doesn’t help us understand. My layout that may be sliced is possibly not that easy

Imagine I had a square a similar size as talked about before 100 x100. It seems as if ths http: //i7. photobucket. com/albums/y291/sethalbritton/thelasttry. jpg

Perspective attachment 4696

How could I position each kind have exactly where it goes. Is now there another method other than floating

With thanks for giving us time man. I thankyou.

your square own 4 pic and maybe they are not the similar size first..
so check out what part is usually divided to a couple of equal size..
first you will need box (in HTML that’s mean div) in which contents two equal size boxes..
all these boxes have a pair of picture on that.. that are possibly not equal " don’t wary each Pic will administer it size& place within the box"
the thought that you not should give each aspect specified position make it possible for CSS and CODE do there miracle..
HTML render each ingredient on order just " thats means each element will administer it space then cost-free element take spot after it "

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