PHP for email query??

I seemed to be wondering if anybody could help me personally. I have to produce a query form for just a site that will certainly send the query towards site owners e mail address. I am finding out php and has been wondering if it may do this task if there are virtually any examples online. Thanks for the help.

Buy the word " query". On earth do you mean a form where the user enters details and
it gets emailed Being a contact form

Google: PHP contact kind script

or even….

On earth do you mean " query" as in a MySQL database query

I guess how the meaning of your own word " query" will produce two many different answers.

I guess I really should have been more particular. I meant the very first one, where the person enters text right into a form along together with his name and contact address. It then gets provided for the sites owner being a email. It may not be that hard but We’ve not learnt plenty of about dynamic sites yet. Any help is welcome.

Research Google for: PHP call form

There are a gazillion various script examples.
You can have field validation, applying javascripting, AJAX…
You may include a captcha.

A lot of possibilities to describe here.

Thanks for the, I have already found a couple of. I was hunting for the wrong idea earlier. Thanks again to get putting me while in the right direction.

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