POST can’t decide which to focus my time on up coming. Which has already been more valuable to you, knowing PHP or knowing steps to make CMS templates I understand a little PHP (enough to to forms or perhaps edit WP web themes, etc. ) but I need to find out CakePHP to carry out frameworks.. But I also need to find out Joomla (and Drupal down the road.. ).

It looks like both will take some rolling up in the sleeves, so I’d like some input spend money on what takes precedence. Any starting information or points in the right direction would be appreciated too.

CMS (content supervision system)… most popular strategy to create a CMS is
by using PHP and MySQL, but a CMS may very well be done with Perl, ASP, in addition to any server-side
system scripting.

I would figure out how to customize CMS devices, like Joomla, Drupal, Squidoo.
By using that, you’ll be using plenty of PHP, and most probably AJAX, JQuery in addition to MySQL.


Haha, so basically I want both I think I understand enough PHP/jQuery/SQL to receive around. Maybe I’ll try Joomla very first, and if my own language knowledge isn’t up to scratch to handle this I’ll hit PHP primary.

I believe making a CMS by scratch with PHP and MySQL might be a little from my league at the moment. How does which work exactly

Making your own CMS depends to the features.
In order to allow an RTF (rich textual content formatting) option for content entry,
you’ll need to incorporate TinyMCE or another RTF script. Additional than
the actual data entry, the storage part is a same… all employing MySQL.

You should have to determine your own way to putting the content onto
the pages in any logical method, such as categories, or galleries.

I would state it’s hard to create your own CMS without much PHP/MySQL expertise.


I’d recommend everyone forget Cake if you don’t are planning to create a custom site without getting a CMS. If you plan on doing customization of CMS’s or even Cake, you should probably focus on a good foundation in PHP and also associated technology stacks for example MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, in addition to HTML. Once you might have the foundational expertise, then I think you may see jumping into Food or any PHP structured CMS is…. good… very easy! (like a few days of learning)

Also, most templates tend to be just CSS by using sometimes AJAX/JavaScript done in. Pick one technology vertical which aligns together with your interests – PHP is definitely server side which is used to customize considerably on the backend. CSS depends upon display, so if you like designing look and also feel of web sites, focus on CSS/javascript. If you’re more interested within how things work and programming, choose PHP.

I’ll tell you out of experience that creating a template takes merely the barest PHP knowledge for all systems (copy paste coming from a similar template, and modify several values usually can do it). 95% in the work is system and design.

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