Pictures moving & which flash prgram?

Hi there,
I’m a novice/self trained website administrator to get 2 websites. I have set these up applying templates and loads of help from the live chat with the host.
I’d like to ask two or three quick questions please.
First of all, I have noticed that some pictures I apply to webpages seem to transfer about and aren’t in the similar place on some other peoples computers whenever displayed. I choose for you to position the pictures on the right or left with the text but they are not in a good position so I change them that will, above text. By doing this I can lug the pictures to where I want all of them. But as mentioned, they seem to move and appear within different positions while displayed on alternative pc’s. Am i setting up a simple mistake Possibly there is a simple means to fix this

Furthermore, I have developed simple flash video (swf files) which i display on the websites. Is there a new best format to use so they will run accurately on most/all pc’s and how could i get the add code for swf information.

Apologies if WE should open a few thread for this specific. If so please adsvise and that is what I will perform.

Thanks a lot.

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