Please help fund my new project!


I am having a new web project that’s in desperate want of funding to get going please read extra about my undertaking at EDIT: Hyperlink removed by TheGAME1264, and help spread the idea of!

Anything will be appreciated!

Thank you, Harry

CHANGE: URL removed simply by TheGAME1264

Fraid not necessarily No. I don’t trust brand spanking new members…. especially those requesting money…

Am i allowed to have some income, though I really don’t need much. A couple of million pounds oughta often be enough.

I’ll pay you back while using no-money-down, no-interest, no-payments, nothing-back-ever-in-perpetuity-throughout-the-universe plan. I’ll even hint any document you need that gives me personally those financial terms and requires me to undertake absolutely nothing different.

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