Please help with a very simple website design question

Howdy everyone, I’m very fresh to creating by myself websites and I want to begin on simple. I choose to create a extremely basic website which contains a static text box, an output text box and a button. No bells, absolutely no whistles, not even any colors.
The function of the button will be to produce a random sentence (taken from your list I have) then display it in the Output text field. Please see the particular attached image for any visual depiction. How do you go about doing this Any help can be much appreciated.

Thanks for any help in advance!

If you can afford it becoming a flash page and then this simple tutorial will let you displaying data from an index of strings http: //www. kirupa. com/developer/actionscript/xmldataflash. htm

Adobe flash… sigh…
At any rate, you should find a way find a randomly quote generator easily enough on google.

Orrrr… you could find out a server-side programming language which has a random number function (which pretty well they all do), have the many quotes in any database, and pick a random estimate. Something like what I did with the bowling alley site (pro shop).

That can be done that with PHP as well. Put your randomly quotes into range, then echo that quotes randomly:

< php
//create a multitude of messages
//use the accidental function (rand) of showing them randomly
$messages=array('Progress doesn\'t are available from early risers, progress created from by lazy men trying to find easier ways to complete things. ', 'Never state with an idiot. They drag you to their level, then beat you together with experience. ', 'Anyone who has never made a new mistake has under no circumstances tried anything new. ', 'The earlier bird gets the particular worm, but the second mouse gets that cheese! ', 'Failure is not an option -- it comes incorporated with Windows. NO, 'The perfect computer continues to be developed. You just feed in your problems and they never come out again. ', 'Energizer Bunny arrested - recharged with battery. NO, 'If Barbie is actually so popular, why do you have to buy your girlfriend friends', 'A computer system once beat my family at chess, nonetheless it was no match with luck at kick boxing. NO, 'I think animal testing is often a terrible idea; they get most of nervous and give the wrong answers. ');

$pos=rand(0, 9); COLOR=rgb(255, 0, 0) //randomize this display - be sure to remember that you begin at 0, so for 10 emails you end together with 9/COLOR

print " Message in the day: $messages$pos"; //you could use echo instead associated with print, and include any HTML (e. gary the gadget guy. span, linebreaks)



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