Please test my URL redirection

MY SPOUSE AND I used eNom (expensive nevertheless great) to register shovenose. com well anyway I had it set to my IP tackle (with my router established as port 40 forwarding to the server)…
anyway, now I decided I may in addition just redirect people today to shovenose. dyndns. org because that will work even in the event my IP tackle changes (IP updater computer software for dyndns established on my online server)..

but now my friend in china is actually having trouble opening it. Yet while i go to shovenose. com in a proxy on this PC, or in my smartphone, the idea works fine very little problems and redirects my family to shovenose. dyndns. org not having issues.
Suggestions the link on earth do you tell me whether it truly is working or not
http: //shovenose. com/

Thank you!

What is happening may be the dns servers can take 72 hours… Maybe more to up-date globally.. I’ve seen changes take if a week to help completely propogate to help china… Especially dns modifications to dynamic dns companies… if their ISP is usually caching their dns… It could possibly take longer nevertheless.

Ordinarily… Dns changes you can do in 24 hours here in america… But most With the core dns servers here update hourly.. Sub ( ISP dns will serve ) update 4-6 times each day from the cores…

I’ve truly also seen time delays between domain names using " www" vs no " www". Become patient.

Lol FINE does it work yet
Thank you!

Oh and Patience seriously isn’t something I posess…

The non " www" type loaded, but the actual " www" continues to be not loading.

Many thanks. That’s exactly what Needed to know!

Hang up on, that’s misleading. The non-www along with www versions are not affected by propagation, except in the particular rare occasions the place that the non-www is different versus www version. And inside your particular case, there is a www. type of shovenose. com, however , not shovenose. dyndns. org since this is a subdomain.

Both the non-www and online world versions of shovenose. com reroute to shovenose. dyndns. org.

If you find a difference between non www and also www versions, that is strictly on everyone ISP caching circumstance…

Since www features an pointer on the dns server… It resolves towards the same address at the same time… Every time and propagation throughout the world for the website name only.. Not your pointers… So once the actual core dns servers obtain the update… The pointer doesn’t ought to be updated only the website name to ip target is updated…

Local ISP on the other hand may do your dns update… But as long as they don’t flush their cache typically as they bring up to date their dns… Then remnants from the old ip handle may hang all over and be made up…

In addition… Your local machines caches domains… And it would be coming from ther too… Depending on the best way often your ISP is used machine to request previously accessed records

This is certainly normally not even a difficulty… As most ISPs take out their caches a minimum of daily… And your machines flushes it’s cache when you reboot…

The ONLY route to avoid this confusion should be to use among the handful of core dns servers which might be updated every hours… But access to help them is restricted to authenticated cable connections…

On the other hand… Just keep as the primary goal… If you transform a DNS RECORD out while in the wild… It can handle average 72 hours to the change to appear to many people.

I do believe it works OK now. I tried out it from work both www in addition to non-www worked. Thanks to the help everyone!

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