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This may sound stupid, but is the PNG image format more well suited for bitmapped or vector graphics
I mean, I know in which it’s originally made for bitmap (raster graphics), but was wondering whether it could possibly also support vectorial

Bitmap. It was before developed to replace the gif. Your question is pretty comprehensive actually. You can bring vector info to some png through the png extension, but why will be the question. You can turn a vector to some png using a plan. If you’re planning in Illustrator it is going to convert a vector with a png. Are you trying to find conversion or were you merely curious.

In short, it will possibly not support vector but it could be converted, then it’s really not a vector once you convert it!

There’s a ton of info online.

Hi. Thank you! It was really just away from curiosity. That responded my questions

Content ’10.

In short, PNG is the new GIF

associated with with your. png’s that for those who have a background that’s not filled then it will become transparent in the application you are choosing it in

I’ve truly heard that frequent adoption of. png has been slow, though. Is there still a significant enough percentage associated with people surfing the net that don’t own png-friendly browsers that it’s a challenge

i use png within flash because older ie browser seriously isn’t support.

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