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Hello there My organization is currently doing the essay for my personal university, I am tasked with selecting a question and building a 2000 illustrated essay dependant on research. I would genuinely apreciate it if you ever could answer my poll since it will help me greatly with my personal research.

To clarify the question My organization is asking is most of the flash and jquery even more attractive designs, have several websites forgot that articles is key for just a website, that without content a site has no communication. I personally may see some very overdone flash websites just coverd using adverts or animations and not much content, but Personally i think content is generally needed and will need to come first more than any dynamic interaction in a website and need your view with this topic.

Make sure you give my composition a read, okay know if it’s interesting, valid, bejeezers, good, really apreciate every feedback on it

Thanks a ton.

While possibly you have seen some websites that happen to be overdone, content continues to king. Any even mildly successful wordpress website designer will understand that will. If a web page provides no value to your visitor, they’ll find the next one that will does. Content is just not lost, designers that forget it usually are.

Agree completly with you Ronald, I know a number of people who build a website and just overlook the content at all, they see a site use a animation or effect as well as think great il do similar, then it ladies bad. Thats why MY SPOUSE AND I created a poll the choices help with my research to get oppions as I’m sure people sometimes have differant views.

Please vote if you ever read the submit, will really assist me with my personal research, thanks

Precisely what Ron said.

Like I said from the beginning, I don’t discover how you stretch this to 2000 webpages, but the so-called demand from customers for interactivity as well as motion is one that draws on a real idea (i. e. how the human eye is drawn to that particular which they observe moving and ideally can play with) but one which, when used ineffectively, might be overdone.

Content continues to king.

Here’s a great article that illustrates this point. Even if he does find a way to like ragging on political sites of a very specific leaning, the message will be simple, and the proof is in the pudding. Content rules no matter if design sucks.

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