[Poll] Would you resell local SEO services ?

Hi many…
I was talking to a great friend of my verizon prepaid phone who designs websites for small business owners. Often he is asked if he also does SEO but has not much of your clue and frankly doesn’t like performing link building or anything else…
So after some pints, we created the idea of partnering using a SEO company all of us know and reselling on the white label basis their offering. We spoke to them and so they agreed to spend us 50% on a monthly basis for the internet business we send their way. Cool no
So this made me consider, and I here’s posting this line to assess merely could maybe go into business offering white wine label seo expert services, so…

My question to every body:

Thanks for the honest feedback, (disclaimer: I won’t sell anything here… merely want your sort feedback)



Operational what you offer for a service can magnify poorly or greatly with your BUSINESS.

Since he SEO market is so convoluted, plus about 90% swindle, if I’d couldn’t actually do this SEO work, I wouldn’t offer it being a service, maybe referral, however again, you can hurt your primary business by talking about a rip away company or someone for you to have no deal with over.

Every legitimate SEO organization worth a hoot, can’t do all required without in fact making changes towards the site, if all they may be offering is linkbuilding you must run for the particular hills. If all they’re offering is to help drive traffic towards site ( that is certainly their metric for success ), begin running…

The genuine solution here should be to get off everyone a& & and learn proper SEO Techniques and how it ties together along with design and progression, then when you will be discussing with the client, you can always soeak with authority and absolutely no say, I’ll need to check with the SEO company.

SEO just isn’t that difficult, but because epidermis crap out at this time there, it can be confusing promotions . don’t understand precisely how things work.

Just my estimation… I might put the SEO isn’t a service regarding my clients, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION ( link constructing, ads, etc ) is usually a service… SEO may be known as when designing and developing and building the website out ( at no extra cost ).

It’s possible, but in just about all likelihood no.

When the scenario is because Webzarus described, and likely it is seeing that it’s easiest to dispose of " SEO link building" and other junk services as white label considering that SEO company doesn’t actually need access to the website, then it’s not more than worth it. A good SEO company understands that the ultimate goal is converting page views, and going out and marketing through articles and posting web site comments and forum comments as well as other mindless bejesus just isn’t gonna get that carried out (it’s also not SEO… it’s low-grade marketing).

Currently… if you had someone along the traces of say iHelpYou, who actually understand it and will shoot you straight (I do not think they actually offer you anything white tag… I just wanted an example of an ethical company which is part of the SEO industry), then you’re in a lot better shape. The problem is the fact these companies tend to be few and far between.

The other thing is in which, if your customers are local in nature, the effort necessary to optimize a web site for local terms based on your clients’ businesses really should not be particularly great on the part. Even in case you are in a metropolis like say Ny or London and also Toronto, it really should not be that difficult to help pull this off. You’re not challenging with McDonald’s, that you’re competing with Bob’s Burgers. Naturally, some SEO will inevitably display here and tell me how wrong I’m and what a moron I am and how hard it truly is and how competitive it can be

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