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Greetings, I am at the moment building my stock portfolio site and I want screenshots of the sites i always have done. We need them in A COUPLE OF different sizes.

The issue I am facing is the fact I cant obtain whole screen just areas of it. I have zero photoshop software consequently I cant revise it.

Thank you

If you employ Firefox, there is a new plugin called ScreenGrab that will let you capture any part or all of the page.

Without any editing software program, try GIMP : it’s free.

Almost always there is the print tv screen button. Alt printscreen to be able to capture the " lively window", as to get sizing, you’ll require some editing application. Gimp is good, but like the majority of image editing application, there is your learning curve to make use of it efficiently.

What may take your 5 minutes to try and do ( when starting out using the computer software ) may receive you 20 seconds after you have used it for some time. Doing this perform, you should have a good grasp with image creations along with management. It could make your life less of a challenge.

thanks, I am going to definetely try of which.

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