Preload images or use a status bar to indicate page load progress?

Howdy, I’m redesigning my own site for a change and still have decided to use Simple Controls Gallery for the image viewing (it’s some sort of photography website). Nonetheless, it’s taking around 10 seconds for any gallery to initialise. We have 52 images up to now, all " saved for web" through Photoshop to minimize size. I think preloading the images would be counter productive as which is what the JS gallery script does on. Is there a way of integrating some sort of status bar and also countdown clock if anyone else is to see while the gallery initialises
And here is the link: http: //www. 17minutes. company. uk/

Many thanks, Lol

Are you sure it’s your images causing the condition and not the gallery

If it’s the images, preload them independently without the gallery and display them over a page. No strange effects or anything at all… just the FIFTY TWO images on 1 page. This noises excessive, but you’re wanting to determine whether it’s the images or the gallery that is the problem. I suspect it’s the gallery, even with FIFTY TWO server calls to receive those images.

Another thing you could possibly do is weight a div once the gallery is preloading revealing that it’s " waiting… " or something to that effect, and then placed the CSS exhibit to none once the gallery loads.

52 images of this size all at a time, and you’re complaining which its taking too much time haha. PLus, whats the point Who’s gonna sit there and click another arrow one by one to get that will them all

I had recommend just possessing 6-8 image in that page, then setting up an ideal gallery by yourself page.

That’s the condition, Harmonic. Even by using those images, it is probably not the problem. I’m actually dealing with a site now where the shopping cart insert time was nearly doubled by 1 prebuilt Javascript.

It’s hard to speak about until one or another is removed. Because the images can’t become removed, the Javascript would have to be.

well folks I’m gonna change the layout further, and probably further still then. I’ve decided to make use of simple viewer instead and to split up into at least 2 galleries. I suspect Game you’re right (since I’m redesigning I’m not gonna waste time finding out) as you site I visited quite a while ago was constructed in precisely the same manner (different JS script WE suspect, but it operated in much the same, one image in the time) and them loaded really fast, no lag whatsoever.
thanks on your input.

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