Prevent resizing?

Hello all, I’m different here.

We’ve a page I’m working on which primarily involves a single, center-aligned flash document which sits in the middle of a vertically echoing background file.

Imageshack – problem1y. jpg

Then again, when you will be viewing it with IE, and create a savings fund ctrl + computer mouse wheel feature to change the dimensions of the page, it ends in place being butchered!

Imageshack – problem2u. jpg

I have been away from web-design for a short time. I tried to place a div about it which have a min-width feature, but that has not helped. I defined font sizes to help 10px, that failed to help… it also might appear to be the repeating vetical track record image resizes as well, when using this ctrl + mousewheel operate.

What can i do to locking mechanism these sizes down to ensure the page doesn’t distort.

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